Cloud gaming is an innovative way of playing games. Up till now you had to play games on your expensive computer or console, but now you don't have to invest money in new hardware. You can play games using your Internet connection and the game runs on a server that is provided by Vortex. That way you can play any game you like on any platform you prefer.

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Boost your gaming experience, anywhere

Vortex is a cloud streaming service that connects you to powerful gaming servers to stream games to your mobile phone, laptop or smart tv. Select games from your personal game library that are preinstalled on our servers and enjoy the smoothest remote desktop gaming experience available on the market.

Adaptive bitrate

Our real-time bitrate adaptation algorithm monitors your network condition and adjusts video quality to it. Because of that we are able to provide the best-possible experience with the low latency game streaming. The algorithm automatically adjusts the quality of the video stream to any changes in network and playback conditions.

Hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding

With complete encoding (which is computationally complex) offloaded to dedicated hardware encoder, the graphics engine and the CPU are free for other operations. For example, in a game recording scenario, encoding being completely offloaded to hardware encoder makes the graphics engine bandwidth fully available for game rendering.

Adaptive bitrate Adaptive bitrate
High end hardware High end hardware

Zero-copy image acquisition

All the video processing, including encoding stays on graphics card. That way it reduces GPU to CPU data transfer operations to the minimum. Our GPU hardware accelerator engine supports faster than real-time video processing. That allows you to play games remotely from every place you want.

High end hardware

Our powerful servers with Intel Xeon Processor, up to 512GB RAM and NVIDIA GPUs enables you to play the most demanding games remotely in the highest quality with 60 frames per second. Streaming games over the Internet has never been so easy.

Instant updates

Games streaming via our platform allows you not to worry about additional update time. All patching, game configuring and driver updating is handled automatically by the Vortex infrastructure.

World-wide datacenter network

Enjoy high-end graphics with the lowest latency. Our servers are placed in 15 data centers, and now into 9 regions, including US, Europe, Latin America and Southern Asia. Find out yourself, how much joy you will get by playing the low latency games on Vortex.

World-wide datacenter network World-wide datacenter network

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