Vortex Cloud Gaming is the first platform where you can get paid by number of hours people are playing your game.
Put your game on Vortex and see how much money you can make on it.

Before you send your submission, please read this FAQ.

  • What are the general requirements to get my game onto Vortex?

    What you need to have is a great indie title - just that. There are no special requirements for us, which means there`s no need for any submission fees, publisher, or anything else. Just please put special care and focus into filling our submission form.
  • This is my first game. Do I have a chance to get it onto Vortex?

    Definitely, and we encourage you to try, but please remember that our main focus is the quality, so if you want to submit your first game to us - be sure that it is comparable to, or even better, above indie market standards. Best way to make sure about that is to look at our previously released titles in the indie section.
  • I am the publisher of a big F2P title - can I get it onto Vortex?

    Absolutely! We are open for all kind of good quality games.
  • I created my game using this specific engine, is this a problem?

    In one word - no. We are open to different engines and technologies, as long as the game itself can be a quality, DRM-free title.
  • I used some free or borrowed assets from different game, is this a problem?

    Yes, this is an issue for us. We're strongly focused on more original content and free or borrowed assets mean that there's a very small chance we'll accept the game.
  • I am in the process of creating my own game, can I count on some financial help from Vortex?

    Vortex is willing to help polish your game if it looks like an exceptional title and when we are very confident in its success. To do that we need to see the game, so such help is about the final polish rather than kickstarting the product.
  • My game passed the initial stage of the submission process. What happens now?

    First of all, congratulations! Now we will do our internal review which usually takes about one week. After the review we will get back to you with our feedback and decision, and hopefully we can talk further about the release.
  • Can I share my discussion with Vortex with fans/third parties?

    Any email exchanges regarding the submission are business discussions, and as such should be kept confidential. We understand that there may be a lot of emotions involved in response to our decisions, but keeping them discreet will allow us to keep healthy connection even if we pass on your title.

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