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RemoteMyApp Sp. z o. o provides fully customized cloud gaming solutions to telcos around the globe. Its own product, Vortex, already enables playing PC games on an Android smartphone, tablet, and TV, as well as on Windows PC and Mac.

Games installation or updating is not required. Users around the world can play games instantly with the power of the cloud.

RemoteMyApp’s own cloud gaming application, Vortex, has been downloaded more than 10 million times across a wide range of devices since its official launch in July 2017.

RemoteMyApp’s extensive technical knowledge about streaming stems from launching another product, Remotr, back in 2014. Remotr provided in-home streaming on Android & iOS devices.


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Game-changer in cloud gaming: Deutsche Telekom invests in RemoteMyApp, the company behind Vortex

Telekom Innovation Pool GmbH, the strategic investment fund of the international telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom (DT), has invested €2 million in the Polish cloud gaming company RemoteMyApp. RemoteMyApp provides cutting-edge technology and gaming content to global businesses to power their customer-facing cloud gaming services.

30 June 2020

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Vortex Logo

Vortex Sign, logotype and full logo in mono and full color.

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Vortex Brand Guide

Complete guide to Vortex Cloud Gaming Brand. Good practices, examples of use, etc.

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