Teamfight Tactics (LoL TFT)

MOBA/MMO Strategy Casual

Power up your forces and march head-on into fierce battlefields in this newest League of Legends game mode. Play Teamfight Tactics online without download.

What is the Teamfight Tactics game about?

Teamfight Tactics is a round-based, strategic, auto-battler game mode in League of Legends. It’s a fascinating free-for-all war for supremacy and is set in a fractured, dreamlike world of Convergence. Each round comes with planning and a combat phase which adds to TFT’s appeal. You play to emerge as the last player standing in this free-for-all race to make powerful teams that’ll fight on your behalf. 

What’s Tft’s gameplay like?

Teamfight Tactics is a strategic auto-battler game mode in League of Legends. In Tft, you play as “Little Legends” or champions with unique abilities who are pitted against one another in a round-based strategic game format. With each round, you’ll get automatic gold or XP which you can use to purchase items or buy rarer, stronger champions. 

You can purchase new legends from the League of Legends store or earn them by playing the game. Before beginning a battle, you have the option to swap the legends too. In fact, this is primarily the time when you can do a little reorganizing or trading of champions. Once the battle begins, there’s no turning back. 

What will you love about Teamfight Tactics?

  • Head-to-head battles - TfT is a heavily strategic game. You’ve got to up your strategic thinking, reflexes and coordinate your teamplay to an exceptional level to trump your enemies. 
  • Evolve with fantastic battles - The game matches you with equally or similarly-skilled competitors that adds to its charm. It makes the battles more interesting and challenging. 
  • Special commendations for fighting with honor - TfT makes it a point to reward good sportsmanship in the game. 
  • The chance to be a part of something global - TfT’s gameplay experience is made much more intriguing and fun by the online community of players from across the globe. You get to interact through one of the most interesting mediums out there. You get the chance to join this active gaming community, make friends and share your achievements!


How to play TfT on mobile?

Officially, TfT hasn’t been released on mobile. But with Vortex, you can enjoy the dreamlike arenas and fantastic battles of TfT anywhere and on any device. 

This is how you do it:

  1. Download Vortex Cloud Gaming App on Google Play Store.
  2. Create your account in the app.
  3. Choose Teamfight Tactics from the list of games on display.
  4. Hit play! 

Vortex is the quickest, easiest and most legit way to play Teamfight Tactics on mobile or any other device at any given time. Our servers stream the game to your mobile to enable a hassle-free gaming experience. 

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