Team Fortress 2


Be part of RED or BLUE team and defend the possessions of your boss. Help him defeat his brother and destroy the other team and resources they are guarding. Play Team Fortress 2 online now!




Team Fortress 2 is a team-based multiplayer game. It was developed by Valve Corporation and is one of the most well known first-person shooters. You will join one of two teams and battle opponents in many game modes.


The game is still developing so you will always get new content and missions. No same old stories relieved over and over again! In Team Fortress you will find humor, community-made updates, and many awesome characters.


Team Fortress is free-to-play but supports in-game transactions. You will be able to buy cosmetics and other items for your character. But if you don't want to pay for extra gear don’t worry. The drop system will give you a chance to periodically receive new items. This can happen via a random number generator.


If you are interested in e-sport you will be glad to know that there is a competitive environment in Team Fortress 2. Gamers played the unofficial competition for years. In 2016 a matchmaking system based on ranking was added. That was the beginning of a new competitive Team Fortress matches.


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The gameplay is focused on two opposing teams. You will be a part of one team of mercenaries and will have to defeat another team. You are both hired by two feuding brothers. Your mission will be to protect company assets belonging to your boss and destroying assets of his brother. Join Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) or Builders League United (BLU) and fight for money and glory!


The first choice you will have to make at the start of the gameplay is choosing one of nine classes. Each has its own unique strengths, skills, and disadvantages, so be sure to choose wisely. The main point of Team Fortress 2 is to use the abilities of different characters in a team-based environment.


Team Fortress 2 online game provides detailed statistics of the individual players. Statistics include:

time spent playing as each class,

most points obtained,

the most captures

objectives achieved in a single life


Team Fortress also will display you your achievements for carrying out different tasks. Play, improve and rise in a global statistic!





Team Fortress 2 became a classic multiplayer game because of:

Many characters to chose from

Fast and action-packed gameplay

Unique story

Over 100 maps to play

Detailed statistics of players

Possibility to play Team Fortress 2 online





There are nine different character classes in Team Fortress 2. Chose wisely as who you would like to play as. Your choice should be connected to your style of gameplay.


If you prefer offensive gameplay you should choose from:


The Scout:

If you decide to play as a scout you will have a lot of fun. He is a cocky street runner from Boston that loves baseball and his aluminum baseball batt. He is also equipped in a scattergun and a pistol. This character is fast, agile and fun. This would be your perfect choice if you like to be in the first line of the battle. Be more on the move than other players!


The Soldier:

If you decide to play as the Soldier you will not be fast. This is the second slowest character in a game. But instead, you will get the biggest second - highest health points. Sounds like a good trade for you? You will be armed in a rocket launcher, shotgun, and a folding shovel, so don’t be afraid you will not be ready for combat. An additional feature of this character is something awesome. You will be able to rocket jump to higher places using rocket launcher!


The Pyro

This character is a mentally unstable pyromaniac that love to put things on fire. We don't really know anything about them including gender and origin. Dressed in fire-resistant clothes and voice muffling gas mask this character is something different. Using a shotgun, fire ax, and a homemade flamethrower you will be able to set other players on fire. If you love causing mayhem with dangerous fire this character is your perfect choice!


Maybe you are a defensive player and don't want to be in the first line of combat? Don't worry there are characters that will suit your gaming stale:


The Demoman:

This character is an alcoholic armed with a glass bottle, and grenade and sticky bomb launchers. This one-eyed Scotsman will bring the fun of Team Fortress 2 to a whole new level.

The Heavy Weapons Guy

He prefers to be called Heavy. Play as this large Russian mountain man obsessed with firepower and rock the game. He is the slowest but also the most damage resistant character. Playing as this big guy you will be armed in fists, a shotgun, and an enormous minigun called "Sasha".


The Engineer:

If you prefer brains over muscle consider this character. This relaxed intellectual from Texas can build many things to support his teammates. This kind of person is welcome in every team. He is armed in the standard shotgun, a pistol, and a wrench. With the wrench, he can also fix, upgrade other Engineers constructions. If you have a knack for building things you should try doing that in Team Fortress 2.


There is also another class of characters that are considered support. Playing as support will give you unique games scenarios! Chose from:


The Medic:

This character will allow you to play as a German doctor from Stuttgart. The main problem of his is the fact that he has little to no appreciation for Hippocratic Oath. You will be able to heal your teammates and build "ÜberCharge". You ask what "ÜberCharge" is? On activation, this ability grants boost to you and your fellows.


The Sniper:

If you watched some sniper movies and dream of being one yourself this is a character for you. Play as this cheerful shooter from New Zeland. Use the laser-sighted sniper rifle to shoot enemies from afar, submachine gun and a kukri. Be a master of distance headshots.

The Spy:

This French double agent will help you to become invisible. You don’t like to stand out and prefer killing your enemies from the shadows? This character will be perfect for you! He is equipped with covert tools. You will use a cloaking device, electronic sapper perfect for sabotage and a device that can disguise you as an enemy player. Now is the time to become the master of espionage in Team Fortress 2 online game!





Can you play Team Fortress 2 on ps4?

At this moment TF 2 is not available on Play Station 4. But don’t worry - you can play this game on your smart TV or on mobile using Vortex Clod Gaming for only $9,99.


Is TF2 free to play?

Team Fortress 2 online is a free-to-play game. No strings attached. If you want to play this game on mobile or Smart TV you can use Vortex Cloud Gaming.


Can Team Fortress 2 be played offline?

Team Fortress 2 is not available offline. You need to have Internet access. But other than that you don't need special equipment to play. Just use Vortex Cloud Gaming and play on mobile, or on a smart TV. No expensive game machines needed!


Can I play Team Fortress 2 with no download?


You can play Team Fortress 2 no download game on your mobile device. Just use Vortex Cloud Games and be free to play wherever you like.

Mouse and keyboard

Gamepad is partially supported

Mobile friendly


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