Realm Royale

Available controls

  • keyboard
  • gamepad


Take part in a battle royale and be a champion! Play this free-to-play spin-off of the hero shooter Paladins: Battlegrounds and be the last one standing!. Collect equipment, find a safe area, kill your opponents and enjoy the mayhem!


What is Realm Royale?

What is Realm Royale?

Realm Royale is a free-to-play a game that allows you to take part in a global battlefield. This is a spin-off of the Paladins: Battlegrounds. If you loved this title you should definitely check out Realm Royale. It was created by Hi-Rez Studios and is available for Windows via Steam, Play Station 4 and XBox One.

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How to play Realm Royale online?

If you love battle royale games this is a game for you. But if you feel bored with same old gameplay you will find something unique in Realm Royale. Tired of shooting guns and building forts? No more same old gameplay! Hi-Rez Studios took all familiar elements of shooter games and gave them a new twist.

The first main difference you will notice is the introduction of character classes. Before you start the game you will have to choose one of five classes. The choice you make will have a big impact on the game because each class has its unique set of skills. You can start Realm Royale gameplay with a character that has its own special perks and movement. This level of customization from the start and through whole gameplay will be a lot of fun! It will also bring new possibilities to otherwise repetitive experience.

So, how Realm Royale is different than other battle royale games?

At first glance, you will face familiar setting of traditional battle royale game. The goal will be to be the last one standing. You will be automatically grouped in a team of 4 players and will face 100 opponents. During the gameplay, you will kill opponents and collect equipment. You will be safe in a special safe zone that will shrink during the course of the gameplay. Sounds familiar and like the same old story? That is just the basic premise and the game will offer you many fun features.

If you find new equipment you will be able to keep it or break it into materials. Later you will be able to create even better weapons and other items. To do that you must visit an area called Forge. These places are few in a game and are an important asset. That is why players compete to be able to use them. This way to win you will have to relay not only on luck to find good equipment. You will also use the strategy in creating new items. The best armor and weapons in the game can be acquired only by forging them.

Have you ever considered playing as a chicken?

You will get your chance in Realm Royale! If your character is knocked down by another player it will be turned into a chicken. If you manage to survive for 30 seconds as a chicken you will be transformed back to your human self. Keep in mind that will not be easy! As a chicken, you can only run slowly and jump. If somebody will kill you that person will take your equipment. He will also get a special item that will help to get better items at Forge. That is quite a new approach to the traditional scenario when a person from your team reviews you. Enjoy this crazy idea and hunt other chicken players! Remember to not get turned into one yourself!

Another extra feature is something that will help you to travel faster. You are able to ride horses in Realm Royale! That will help you running from your enemies and getting to the forge faster.

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There are five classes in Realm Royale:

  • The warrior
  • The engineer
  • The assassin
  • The mage
  • The hunter

The key to successful gameplay is to understand what each class offers you and choose wisely. The choice you make will give you an advantage or disadvantage from the beginning of the game. Depending on how you prefer to play choose your character.


During your gameplay, you will be finding much random equipment. That is like every other battle royale type of game. But in Realm Royale you will be using the Forge. Those places are situated across the map. Be sure to find them as they are a most important feature if you want to win. Craft your unique items and become more powerful! At each forge, you can create:

  • healing potions,
  • high-level armor
  • very powerful weapons!

All you need is to have enough shards. To get them you will have to “disenchant” items you found during gameplay. So don’t throw away useless sword! Keep collecting! Once you have enough pieces you will be able to create your dream weapon.


When you get knocked down you will turn into a chicken. In your new bird form you will:

  • Be slower than as a human
  • Be unable to defend yourself
  • Have a lesser ability to jump

You will not be your usual awesome self, but that doesn't mean you can’t do anything. The best thing to do is to run to your allies for cover. That is not a cowardly act but a strategic maneuver. If you are alone that is also not the end. The smart option is to jump in and out of windows. In Realm Royale most windows are small enough for the chicken to fit in. Normal players will not be able to follow you.

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Who is realm Royale made by?

Realm Royale is made by Hi-Rez Studios.

Is realm Royale free?

Realm Royale is a free-to-play game.

When was Realm Royale released?

Realm Royale was released on June 5, 2018.

What platforms is realm Royale on?

Realm Royale is available on Windows via Steam, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. But you don’t have to own special equipment to play. Just subscribe to Vortex for $9,99 and play Realm Royale on every platform - even on your mobile device.

Do I need to download Realm Royale to play?

With Cortex Cloud Gaming Realm Royale download is not needed. You can play online in a cloud with no download!



Developer: Hi-Rez Studios

Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios