Path of Exile


This RPG game will let you experience the best fantasy entertainment. Choose a character from six different classes and start an exciting adventure. Explore new lands, meet NPCs and take part in epic battles. Play POE game and become the champion!

What is the Path of Exile game?


Path of Exile game is an action RPG that you can play online. It is set in the world of Wraeclast and will give you an amazing competitive PvP experience. And the good news? This game is free to play and that means you can have hours of fun completely for free. You don't have to be afraid that the other players will pay to buy expensive items and win, as the game mechanics are not constructed that way. 


The game is also really replayable so don’t feel bad if you finish it as you will have an awesome time second or third time around. If you liked playing Diablo you will find many similarities in the PoE game. 


Path of Exile online will take you to a dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It is not a jolly place, but a brutal world full of dangers. You will wake up on the shores and have to survive the dangerous world. Once a beautiful land, now Wraeclast serves as a penal colony. Life as an outcast is not an easy one, so you have a choice to make. Play alone or band with other criminals.  


PoE game will definitely catch your interest if you are tired of old fashioned, cartoony RPG lands. Here you will get realistic, dark and bloody graphics. Get sucked into this dark continent and enjoy amazing gameplay. 



How long is Path of Exile game?


At this moment there are 10 acts in the Path of Exile. Every act is more difficult than the previous one. When you start your game, you have to decide what league you want to join and that will determine the type of game you will play. If you are interested in long gameplay that changes all the time, Path of Exile is the game for you! Randomly generated maps and opponents will keep you playing for a long time! Play Path of Exile online using Vortex! 



How to play Path of Exile game?


In PoE game, you will be controlling a single character. Get ready to explore dungeons, ruins, and forests in search of precious items. Batlle monster, gain experience and build your path to fame. You will also solve many quests form NPC’s. You can meet other players from all around the world and form teams or just play alone. 


At the beginning of the game, you will have to create your character. You can choose from six classes (Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, and Witch). Every class has different statistics and attributes to make a choice carefully to match your preferred playing style. There is also one special class called the Scion. You will have to unlock it during the gameplay. But it has the advantage of having all attributes. 


If you made a bad choice at the beginning not all is lost. You can invest in skills that are not based or your main attributes, but it will be harder for you to get access to them.


A large part of your gameplay will probably be dedicated to finding items. They are randomly generated, and you will collect them while playing. They have different power, so finding the right combination of equipment will be hard and be an ongoing task for you. Don't forget to add gems to your equipment. This is important, as they gain experience with the player, so you will have more and more powerful items. Play PoE game now and enjoy this amazing world!  



Are there any Leagues in PoE game?

At this moment there are two permanent leagues in Path of Exile:

•Standard: default game league. If you die here you will respawn in the last visited city.

•Hardcore: you can not get resurrected. You will respawn in Standard league. This mode serves as permadeath, 

There are also many other leagues that are designed for events, so follow news in the game!


You may also ask:


Is Path of Exile online?

Path of Exile is a free online RPG game set in a fantasy world. You need to have an Internet connection to play it. It is designed around a strong online item economy. 


Is Path of Exile completely free?

Path of Exile is completely free and you will never have to pay to play it! However, if you want to play Path of Exile in the cloud, it will cost you just $9,99 per month.


Who owns Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is owned by New Zeland game developer company called GGG. 


Is Path of Exile on PS4?

At this moment you can't play Path of Exile on PS4. But if you want to play it on a big screen there is no problem! Just start your game on your smart TV using Vortex!


Can I play Path of Exile on Android?

Yes, you can play Path of Exile on Android using Vortex cloud gaming. 


Is there a Path of Exile multiplayer?

You can play Path of Exile alone or with other players! There is no problem playing as a team. 


How to uncorrupt items in Path of Exile?

There are some corrupted items in the game. It is really hard to alter them. But there is a fix for it. Use the Artisan Table. You need to find Craftsmaster Voricin as he has the Artisan Table. Remember that he has to reach reputation level 8 to be able to help you. 


How to unlock scion in Path of Exile?

Scion is a special class in the game. You can unlock it by completing the main quest-line on normal difficulty level with at least one of the heroes available at the start.


How to trade in Path of Exile?

There is no money in Path of Exile. There is a barter system in place. You can trade your items with other players. 


How to play Path of Exile on Mac?

To play Path of Exile on Mac just download our application and start playing! There is no easier way!

Mouse and keyboard

Gamepad is partially supported

Mobile friendly


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