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Play this international phenomenon and enjoy unlimited creativity. Start amazing gameplay in the big world of Minecraft where there are no limits to your imagination. It is time for your rules. Don't get eaten by the Creepers! Play now!

What is Minecraft online game?


Minecraft is a game where you can play around in a big sandbox construction scenario. It was created by a famous Markus “Notch” Persson. It was inspired by various titles such as Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper and RubyDung. 


In Minecraft, you will be playing around a lot! You can place and break various items and create new things. You will be building everything you can imagine - buildings, artwork, landscape and more. 


You can play alone or in a multiplayer mode. There are also thousands of modes you can enjoy! There will never be a moment of boredom in Minecraft. Millions of fans of this game can’t be wrong! 


The title became an international phenomenon and sold more than 154 million copies. It is at the moment the second-best-selling game of all times!


So, don’t wait any longer!


How to play Minecraft online?


If you are an old Minecraft fanatic you probably will know all there is to know about first steps in the game. But for all our users who wish to start their Minecraft adventure, Vortex prepared a simple guide on how to play this awesome game! Let’s play Minecraft!


The first thing you will have to do as a new player is creating a new world. This is a simple step that we will explain to you in the tutorial. Once you set everything up this is when the fun begins! 


When you start your gameplay you will no doubt want to explore all there is in the game. This is a time you would like to spend on experimentation and playing around with various tools and materials. It will be fun and you will get lost in the game. But that is also a dangerous path to take. The peaceful land of Minecraft where you can play around is like that only during the day. When the night comes, the monsters are awakened! 


And surviving your first night is the first big challenge in the world of Minecraft online. 


So, how should you start your Minecraft adventure instead?


The first thing you should do when starting a game is not an exploration of the world but more practical tasks. You need to do is create tools. To do so you will have to collect 5-8 logs from trees. Confused on how to do it? It's easy! Just hold down your left mouse button while the cursor is on the block. When you collect some logs you will be able to craft basic tools. 


What tools and items should I craft?


To get access to your created tools you need to open an inventory (E). You will see the inventory window. You will see a box called “crafting”. This is the place where you craft your items. If you place the logs in this spot you will be able to craft tools that will then show in your inventory. To craft items consult with the recipe book (also in your inventory).


The items we recommend you to craft are:

  • Stone sword,

  • Axe,

  • Shovel,

  • Furnace (you can cook food with it),

  • Torches (you can have some light at night),

  • Bed (you have to sleep on something).


What is the most important item to have in Minecraft?


You might be surprised by an answer, but The Bed is also an important item to have, as the nights in Minecraft are not peaceful. You have 3 in-game days to build a shelter for yourself. If you will waste your time, you will be an easy pray for Phantoms. They will come out at night after the first three days and will hunt you from this time onwards. The only thing that can save you is a secure shelter. 


Sleeping in a bed will also keep you safe. Remember the longer you don’t sleep in the bed the more Phantoms will spawn in the game (there are 3 at first). Because of that, the bed is a valuable resource that you need to craft fast.


The Phantoms are not the only monsters that will hunt you at night. There are also hostile mobs of zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders. That is why the well-lit shelter is a good place to stay the night. You can also fight them when you find yourself outside at night. Your sword may come in handy!


So, are you feeling brave enough to fight monsters?


If you decide to do some monster hunting you will get experience and new crafting materials. You should try it out! We recommend you to wait with the fighting till you get better equipment later in the game. If you decide to try your luck early in the game you can try to kill zombies or spiders. Stay away from witches, endermans and creepers. Those monsters will kill you easily in the early stages of the game. 


As we told you before the shelter is a basic need in Minecraft. But how to find one? There are many options! But for your first night, you should go for the basics and easy fix. 


Wondering how to find the best shelter?


The best option would be to find a cave, but that may not be so easy. If you find a cave while you are looking for resources stick with it. If you don’t find it while exploring, don't waste your time looking. There is a big chance you will not find a cave and get killed by monsters. 


If you find a cave that is not ideal you can fix it quickly. Dig to get it bigger, create a fence and add a door and you have a perfect hideout. If you don't find a cave and you can just build one! But only if the environment allows that - don’t waste time if it would be hard work.


If your surroundings are flat and wide you can build yourself a small house. Remember not to be ambitious. For the first night, you just need a safety so don't waste valuable time on decorating. You will have a chance to do that later. Remember to light your new home. 


When you chose a place to build your shelter try to find a place where you can clearly see the view. You can see if the hours of monsters are coming your way. Try to build a fence around your house, experiment with other features such as doors and windows. You can also add a chest to store your items. When you have the resources build yourself a bed. When you get killed after that you will respawn next to the bed and not in some random place on the map.


We hope you will survive your first night and have an awesome time playing Minecraft online! The game never ends so you will be able to unleash you creativity for many hours. 



You may also ask:



Is Minecraft good for kids?


This game has some violence. You have to kill mobs of monsters. On the other hand, the graphic is blocky and not realistic. Killing is also not the main point of the game. Minecraft online also offers a “Peaceful” mode where there is no violence at all. Some say this game can teach creative thinking so we recommend it for older children.


Can you play Minecraft for free?


To play Minecraft you have to purchase this game. It is available on various platforms and on Vortex Cloud Gaming. With Vortex, you can play it even on an old computer or on your mobile. If you have kids, they will have a lot of fun playing Minecraft online in a car on a tablet!


How much Minecraft costs?


You can buy Minecraft for $26.95 USD, but if you look around you may find some discounts. 


How do I get Minecraft for PC?

You have to buy it and install it on your computer. You can also play Minecraft online on Vortex where there is no need for installation. You just press a button and play!



How old should I be to play Minecraft?

Because of its complexity, mild violence, and online community, we recommend Minecraft for kids age 8 and up. Minecraft online is available on your mobile device using Vortex. It is great fun for children in the car! 


Is Minecraft free to play?


Unfortunately, Minecraft is not free to play. You have to buy the game.


How to play Minecraft multiplayer?

1.Find a server to play on. 

2.Look for a server IP address.

3.Decide what server is right for you. 

4.Copy the server IP address. 

5.Check the server's game version.

6.Start the Minecraft Launcher and set your game to the correct version. 

7.Launch Minecraft and click "Multiplayer".


How to play Minecraft with friends?

Open the regular Minecraft game, click Multiplayer, then click Direct Connect. You'll be entering an IP address here based on where you are relative to the server computer.


How many people play Minecraft?

There are about 91 million people playing Minecraft!


What are the benefits of playing Minecraft on Vortex?

You can play the same Minecraft gameplay on every device. It can be your mobile, smart TV or PC. Take your game everywhere and don’t stop playing. 

Mouse and keyboard

Free in-game account required

Gamepad is supported

Mobile friendly


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