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Join a team of Legends and fight in a blood sport called Apex Games. Become the winner and earn money and glory. Choose your character and try to survive. The title of the best fighter in the Outlands might be yours. Play Apex Legends Online, the international phenomenon now!

What is Apex Legends?

You are wondering what is the new hype all about? No worries! Vortex Cloud Gaming is happy to give you some information about this new phenomenon and how to join the fun! 
Apex Legends is a free squad-based battle royale game which you can play on your device via Vortex. 
It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and went live without much previous advertisement. The creators of Titanfall may have not promoted the game before its premiere, but they sure knew what they were doing! The game exploded because of many famous players promoting it and sharing gameplay on popular platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. Apex Legends became the instant hit among professional gamers and recreational players. Just after one week since it was released the number of registered players passed 25 million! It shows that Apex Legends is growing much faster than its biggest competitor - Fortnite. 
Are you feeling excited to try playing this new phenomenon? We are too! 
Download the app and play Apex Legends using cloud gaming now!

What is Apex Legends about?

The story of Apex Legends takes place after the Frontier War is over. The conflict between Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and Militia that lasted hundreds of years came to an end. The remote part of space known as a Frontier can finally have some peace. The problem? When the soldiers and corporations departed they took with them everything that had some value. The residents of the Frontier have no resources and need to leave in order to survive. Some of them decided to try their luck in the Outlands. These planets are untouched by war and are full of potential for the survivors. Life is cheap and dangerous in the new land. And during the time of peace, old war dogs have trouble to find their place. Here comes Apex Games! A new bloodsport that is popular in the Outlands. Legends from all corners of the Frontiere participate in this violent entertainment for fame and money. 

How to play Apex Legends online?

Apex Legend gameplay is based on cooperation. You will enter the match with two other players that will be part of your team. You have to work together if you want to survive this battle royale and be victorious.  
You will have to make one of the most important decisions in the game before gameplay even starts. Each player can choose one from eight available Legends. They are specific characters in the game. They have special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, so the one you pick will have a big effect on your gaming style. You will have to choose wisely and based on the Legends that your teammates have chosen. This is the key to success and the only way to win.

Is Apex Legends game available on mobile?

For now, there is no mobile app released to play Apex Legends on Android or iOS. 
But... here Vortex, a cloud gaming platform comes in and let you play Apex Legends on your mobile device!
Download the app and play Apex Legends on Android or in a cloud now!

How to play Apex Legends on mobile (Android)?

Download Apex Legends app and play the game in the cloud. The game will be streamed to your mobile from our servers. What does it mean for you? Apex Legends available for you anywhere and anytime you want (in our app or using Google Chrome).
If you want to play Apex Legends on Android, download the app.

What are the benefits of playing Apex Legends in a cloud?

  • you can play your game on mobile anywhere - on the bus, in a queue, on your way to school or work
  • you don't have to worry for any games updates
  • you can play Apex Legends on even very low-end mobile phones
Download the app and play Apex Legends online in a cloud now!

What Legends can I play in Apex Legends?

There are eight Legends for you to choose from. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. We prepared a short guide to help you make the best choice. 
Offensive Characters:
Bangalore: She was born into a military family. She and her whole family all served in the IMC Armed Forces. Bangalore was top of her class at the IMC Military Academy. She will be a good character for a front line player. 
Mirage: He is a happy fellow who likes to get attention. The thing he is serious about is Holo-pilot technology. Mirage is adept at illusion-creating tech. He learned this skill from his mother and mastered it to use on the battlefield. 
Wraith: This whirlwind fighter is able to execute swift and deadly attacks. She is able to manipulate spacetime and open rifts in reality. Wraith does not know her own past or how she came to have this unique ability. Her only companion is the voice in her head that helps her with her new found power.
Defensive Characters:
Gibraltar: Gentle giant with the deadly side. He is a skillful rescuer and can help other players get out of dangerous situations. After the terrible accident that cost his father an arm, he decided to devote his life to helping and protecting others. Gibraltar is always there when you need him. 
Caustic: He was previously known as Alexander Nox. A bright scientist that trayed everything in his power to protect crops with pesticide gasses by developing new formulas. Caustic tested them on himself. Now he is a specialist at trapping opponents in a range of toxic gases.
Support Characters:
Lifeline: This rebellious girl is the daughter of wealthy aristocrats that profited from the war. When she learned the damage her family caused she run away from home. She enlisted in the Frontier Corps - a humanitarian organization and devoted her life to helping others. Lifeline’s winnings in the game are used to help FC. She supports her team as a combat medic. 
Pathfinder: This optimistic robot is on a mission to find the person who created him. He does not know why or by whom he was made, but he still is the happy-go-lucky type. Pathfinder’s surveying skill set and grappling abilities make traversing the map easy! 
Bloodhound: The greatest game hunter in the Outlands remains a mystery. Nobody knows anything about him and rumors are the only source of information. This technological tracker is the best addition to a team that wants to truck its enemies. 

How much Apex Legend costs?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game. But you can use your money for microtransactions within the game. Apex Legends has three currencies: Crafting Metals, Legend Tokens, and Apex Coins.
Crafting Metals in Apex Legend will unlock cosmetics. If you want to have a new skin or a set amount of Crafting Metals. You can get them from Apex Packs that you can find while playing the game. You can also purchase them if you want your skin now and don’t want to wait. 
Legend Tokens are only entirely free currency in the game. You will earn them for every match you play. They will unlock for you new characters and exclusive cosmetics. Mirage and Caustic can be only unlocked using this currency. It will take you 40 levels to unlock them both.   
Apex Coins are real money microtransactions currency. You can buy 1000 AC from $9.99. Using these coins you can buy Apex Packs and have access to the various type of loot.

What will you love about Apex Legends online?

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