Albion Online


Albion Online is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive. It boasts a completely player-driven economy, classless combat system, challenging PvE content, epic PvP battles, and more. Dive deep into the world of Albion and forge your destiny!


Is Albion Online free to play?


Yes! Albion Online has been free to download and play since April 10, 2019.


What is Albion Online gameplay like?


Albion Online is a medieval fantasy MMORPG that claims every character is equally important.


And if you’re a veteran of the MMORPG genre, you need to know there are quite a few things that set Albion Online apart.


For starters, the in-game economy is entirely player-driven. All gear has been created by other players and is crafted from collected resources. (No raiding for weeks in hopes of finding that epic Claymore in this game!)


Classes are also more fluid in Albion Online than in other MMORPG’s. Essentially, you can change your class at any time in-game by simply switching your gear. Both your offense and defense is entirely decided by what weapons and armor you choose to fight with.


If you’re looking for a unique spin on the MMORPG genre, or if you’re completely new and looking for a great game to start with...then Albion Online is a great game to pick out!



What platforms can I play Albion Online on?



Albion Online is currently available on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and Android.



How to play Albion Online on mobile?


If you want to play Albion Online on Android, there’s a download link on the official Albion Online website. However, Albion Online is currently unavailable for iOS.

So, if you’re looking to download the game on your iPhone/’re out of luck for now.


However, the good news is you CAN still play Albion Online on Android through Vortex Cloud Gaming.


Vortex is a cloud streaming service that allows you to play your favorite games from any device you want. You can play on your phone, your computer, a tablet, or TV - it’s YOUR choice. And the best part is, you don’t need an expensive gaming laptop or console. Your games will be streamed directly from Vortex’s powerful servers. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can play your games, your way.


What are good Albion Online builds?


Character builds in Albion Online are completely dependent on the gear you choose to use. Half the fun is experimenting with different gear combinations and seeing which works best for your playstyle.



What are the Albion Online classes?


There are 3 main classes, or “Archetypes”, in Albion Online, and which one you play as is entirely dependent on the weapon you choose to wield. Each archetype comes with numerous weapon types, as well, that determine your playstyle.


Here’s a list of the archetypes and their weapons to get you started:



> Fire Staves

> Holy Staves

> Arcane Staves

> Frost Staves

> Cursed Staves



> Bows

> Spears

> Nature Staves

> Daggers

> Quarterstaves



> Swords

> Axes

> Maces

> Hammers

> Crossbows


What you’ll love about Albion Online:


> Unique MMORPG experience


> Play the game however you want


> Change your build/class at any point


> Intense large-scale PvP


Albion Online’s greatest strength is in its freedom; you can play the game however you want.


There’s PvE, PvP, a player-based economy, and you can even build your own island getaway. The versatility in choice is honestly one of the best parts of the game. It’s unlikely you’ll ever feel bored at any point.


It’s definitely a game worth checking out, especially now that it’s free-to-play!



What to do in Albion Online?


As with most MMORPG’s, what you do in the game is completely up to you!


Feel like joining a guild and cooperating with your allies to take down epic monsters? Then Albion Online’s PvE content has just what you need.


Rather face off against other players? You’ll want to check out the game’s large-scale PvP battles and test your skills.


Or, if you have an entrepreneurial mind, you can always dip into the game’s player-driven economy. Since gear can only be made by players, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make some serious in-game money.


You can even build on your very own island. Breed horses, farm crops, or just relax. This is great for more casual players.


Will Albion Online have expansions?


Yes, though in this game they’re referred to as “updates”. So far there have been 8 post-release updates to Albion Online, the last of which occurred on January 20, 2020.


While the timeframe between these updates is random, they often come with new gameplay mechanics, gear, zones, or even factions. (To name a few). It would seem the developers of Albion Online are dedicated to keeping the game fresh and updated for old and new players alike.


Final Thoughts: Is Albion Online worth it?


Albion Online has aged well since its initial release in 2017.


Whether you’re a veteran fan of MMORPG’s or new and looking to dive in, Albion Online has something for everyone. The game has so many options and so much customization, that it’ll be hard not to find something fun for any playstyle.


And if you’re looking to play Albion Online on your mobile device, be sure to check out Vortex Cloud Gaming.


Mouse and keyboard

Gamepad is partially supported

Mobile friendly


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