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  • What is Vortex?

    Vortex is a multi-platform cloud gaming service. Think of Netflix, but for games. Basically, a library of PC games that you can play on almost any kind of internet-connected device.
  • How does it work?

    The game is streamed from our powerful servers straight to you. It isn’t being emulated on your device, or installed there - so there’s no downloading or updating.
    Choose a game from library, press “Play” it’s up and running in seconds!
  • So how much does it cost?

    For $9,99 a month, subscribers receive full access to Vortex library.

    You can pay via PayPal account with credit card or bank account linked or via Google Play and Windows 10 in app purchase.

    With new games being added to the library every week, you get more and more value every month, and of course, you can cancel your subscription at any point.

  • What am I paying for?

    Your subscription gives you access to our powerful machines where you can run games from our library. Some games are not included in subscription and you must own them on Steam, but then you are playing them on our gaming machines without waiting for download and installation.
    You can play almost unlimited number of hours (we are using fair usage policy - as long as you are not using too much, you have no limits).

  • What platforms are supported?

  • What are the minimal requirements?

    We recommend that you have at least 10Mbps connection (use LAN for the best experience).

    Make sure your bandwidth is not overloaded by other applications - for best performance close additional tabs in your browser and programs that may use your Internet connection (like YouTube, Facebook etc.)

    System requirements
    Windows 10 OS for desktop app.
    Google Chrome V58 for browser-based streaming on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
    For SmartTV, Set-top-boxes and mobile devices:
    Android 4.4 or later

  • What games are available?

    Vortex has over 100 games in our library with new titles being added every month.
    You can play well known titles like: Team Fortress 2, World of Tanks, Dota 2, Paladins and tons of licensed indie games.

  • Is there a free trial or VIP account?

    Currently there is no free trial available and we aren’t providing VIP accounts.

  • Can I record a review or video featuring Vortex?

    Feel free to showcase Vortex in your creations - we’ll be more than glad for your support.
    Feel free to use this Press Kit (for fair usage only).


    We'll be keeping your savedata in safe cloud storage up to 30 days after subscription expires.


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