Origin Support Comes to Vortex (with Apex Legends!)

Hi gamers! 🎮

We are happy to announce that Electronic Arts Origin platform is now supported on Vortex Cloud Gaming!

 Play Apex Legends on your Android device. Use cloud gaming to enjoy the same quality you would on any high-end gaming console or PC for just $9.99/mo.

Download the app and play Apex Legends on Android now!

Download Vortex cloud gaming app

If you want to play Apex Legends in the cloud on your PC or Mac, download the app here.

Play Apex legends on Androidthe quality of Apex Legends gameplay on Android

Watch this short video and take a look at how the real Apex Legends gameplay on Android looks like:

Download the app and play Apex Legends on Android or in the cloud now.

What does it mean for you?

Now you will be able to play games available only on that platform. And the first game from Origin we added is of course… Apex Legends.

Sure thing that we won’t stop here! We are working on adding the next Origin games. Our goal is to end up this year with full Origin Access library support!

But let’s start with your beloved Apex Legends as an example.

In this short and easy step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to:

  • add Apex Legends to your Origin account library
  • make it visible in your library if you haven’t played it before
  • play Apex Legends on Android / mobile

Just follow the simple steps below:

This tutorial is for you if you just set up a new Origin account. Also, you will have to follow this process for every new game you want to add to your library.

1. Log in to your Origin account

After starting a game based on the Origin platform, you will be asked to log in to your Origin account.

Just type your e-mail, password and hit ‘Sign in’ just as in the picture below:

origin login screen

2. Go to ‘My Game Library’

After you are successfully logged in, you should see the screen the same as below.

Click on ‘My Game Library’:

origin my games library

3. Browse game library

You might be surprised that your library is empty.

Don’t worry, it’s not a bug, and we will help you out :). Just click on the highlighted button ‘Origin store’ as on the print screen below:

origin browse library

4. Choose Apex Legends

Just click on Apex:

Apex Legends in Origin store

5. Add Apex Legends game to your library

You will be redirected to the screen as the one you see below. Just click on the orange button ‘Add to library’ as shown in the picture below:

Add Apex legends to Origin library

6. Download Apex

Funny thing. You need to click on the download button, but … there will be no download of any files because the game is already on the machine. Please take note that in case of an update, some files may be downloaded.

Adding Apex Legends to library

7. You are ready to go!

After a short file verification, you can enjoy your Apex Legends game and become a champion!

You should normally see the screen below. Just hit ‘play’ :

play Apex Legends in Origin

So here you are. Everything’s set up and you can start your gameplay.

The only problem occurs if you would like to enjoy Apex Legends on your Android mobile. The publisher didn’t release an Android version of Apex but… we have good news for you.

You can enjoy Apex Legends anytime and anywhere on your mobile if you play Apex Legends in the cloud (try now).

Is Apex Legends actually better than Fortnite in your opinion? Did you try to play Apex on your phone? Let me know in the comments!

Błażej Turek
Błażej Turek
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