How to Play League of Legends: New Player Guide.

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In the last few years, League of Legends (LoL) has become one of the most popular games of all time.

From the World Championships with millions of viewers to the regular person relaxing on a Thursday evening, the game welcomes all types of players, including… YOU.

If you’re new to League of Legends, then we’ve got you! If you’re wondering how to play LoL online, this is a quick and easy guide, designed to give you the best League of Legends tips!

In this League of Legends tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • get League of Legends
  • play League of Legends on Android
  • prepare for an amazing game
  • join a match
  • win!

1. League of Legends – Getting Started

The first part of playing League of Legends is to make sure you have an account.

And here are 2 ways of playing the game:


If you’d like to go the traditional route, this will redirect you to the League of Legends website, where you can create an account and install the game.


If you want to play League of Legends without having to worry about installing the game, updating or your old rig, play League of Legends online!

If you’re wondering how to play League of Legends on a Mac, the process is still the same.

2. How to play League of Legends on Android

In the modern gaming age of mobile and phone games, a major downside to LoL is that it’s only available for PC/Mac.

Weren’t you ever thinking about playing Lol on the go?

If yes, there is a solution to this problem.

All you have to do is to install the app on your Android / go to on your phone. You will have instant access to League of Legends, no matter where you are. Well, to be honest, as long as you have an Internet connection 😉

Now you can play League of Legends:

  • On the bus
  • At school
  • Waiting for an appointment
  • At work during your break
  • Co-op with your friends in the same room
  • Virtually anywhere!

3. Now that I have an account, what’s next?

Once you’re in the game, you’ll want to head over to the “Collection” tab at the top.

After that, go to the “Champions” sub-tab, and then choose “Free Champion Rotation” from the dropdown menu on the left.

The Free Champion Rotation is updated weekly and provides you with 14 different champions to play for the week without having to unlock them.

league of legends beginner tips

This page will allow you to see all the champions available for this week’s free rotation.

Considering this is a beginner guide, you’re most likely going to have a new account and be limited to the weekly champions before you unlock more.

After browsing, note a few which you think would be fun to play and suit you the best, so that you know how to choose once you’re in champion select.

BONUS TIP: Play through the tutorial to unlock a free champion!

4. How to play League of Legends: Beginning of a game

To begin a game, click the button in the top left that says “play” which then brings you to a few different options.

For the purpose of this guide, as it is a basic “How to Play League of Legends” guide, we’re going to go to CO-OP vs AI. (or LoL for noobs)

In CO-OP vs AI you’re able to select the difficulty – Intro, Beginner or Intermediate – choose what you think is appropriate and then press confirm at the bottom.

playing league of legends

On the next screen, you’ll be given the option to invite any friends you want to play with to join you.

When you’ve got your team (or if you’re playing alone) hit the find match button and you’re in queue!

After finding your team you’ll be tossed into a Champ Select Lobby.

This is where you’ll choose your champion, summoner spells and decide with your team which role you’ll play.

A quick note on summoner spells:

Summoner spells are the abilities you can use no matter which champion you pick. They can be extremely powerful and proper use of them can change the course of a skirmish or even the game. With this power also comes a longer cooldown. Make sure to choose spells which synergize well with your champion!

Once the timer ticks down and everyone’s locked in, then the game really begins!

5. How do you play League of Legends: the basics


You’ve made your account, logged in, checked out the free week rotation.

Queued up for a game, got into the lobby and made it past the loading screen.

And now you’re finally ready for some League of Legends gameplay!

The basics of LoL, in short, is to destroy the opposing nexus.

This nexus is protected by 3 inhibitors, and 3 lanes of towers.

In order to destroy the nexus, you’ll have to clear the towers in each lane to expose the inhibitor, and then destroy the inhibitor to expose the nexus.

You can clear towers and inhibitors in different lanes for better attack opportunities and strategies.

STRATEGY TIP: While you can attack different lanes using various strategies, not all inhibitors need to be destroyed to make the nexus and nexus towers vulnerable! As long as 1 inhibitor is down, you’re good to go.

But be quick! Unlike towers, inhibitors respawn after they’re killed.

So how do we accomplish this? Let’s go back to the start of the game and give you some LoL tips…

The first thing to do in the game is to buy your starting items.

The shop has recommended builds for each champion, so just grab what they offer!

Once you’ve grabbed your starting items, you’re going to want to head to either the TOP, MIDDLE, or BOTTOM lanes depending on what role you called in champ select.

STRATEGY TIP: There’s a 5th role: Jungle. This player runs around the jungle clearing monster camps as well as influencing all the other lanes. However, this role requires the summoner spell smite which is unlocked once you level up your account.

After a short wait, minions will spawn and head down the lane.

Claiming the last hit on these minions before they die will grant you gold that you can use to buy more items. Champion kills and tower kills will also grant you gold.

These minions are important in assisting you with destroying towers.

Since the towers do massive damage you’re going to want to let the minions take the tower damage while you destroy them.

But be careful! Attacking enemy champions that are near their tower will draw tower aggression towards you.

After many waves of minions, gold spent, deaths, kills and tower destruction… one nexus will be destroyed in your first League of Legends game.

We hope that with the help of this League of Legends beginners guide it wasn’t yours!

League of Legends for beginners recap…

  • Check out the available champions, then queue for a game.
  • Pick your champion and role and wait for the game to begin
  • Make sure to last hit minion, focus on damaging towers and destroying inhibitors to expose the enemy nexus!

League of Legends is a very popular game for good reason.

It’s simple, (League of Legends controls can be simplified to a mouse and 6 buttons) but with deep complexities, which means all players are welcome and are given an opportunity to develop their skills and game knowledge against other players.

It’s also a great game to play with friends!

In addition to the normal 5v5 Summoner’s Rift game mode, Riot has added fun mini-game modes such as ARAM and rotating featured game mode. These are perfect for those who want to relax and have a little extra fun!

TIP: Want to play with friends but only 3 of you are online? Check out the map Twisted Treeline! It’s similar to gameplay on Summoner’s Rift but is on a special 3v3 map.

I hope you enjoyed this beginner’s guide to League of Legends!

After you’ve read this LoL tutorial and played a couple of games, let me know who your favorite champion is and why?

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