How to level up in GW2? Here’s my advice (+ mistake)

Over past years it took long hours to develop your hero. I remember the year 2012 – sitting for 8-10 hours daily and not being able to achieve what other players did in a couple of hours.

Since then GW2 became more and more popular and brand new players join each week. As you might be the one of them I decided to gather all information on how to level up faster and reach famous level 80.

(note: if you are serious GW2 believer do not read it, go to another section, maybe how to get a better ping when playing).

First 25 levels are coming quite quickly (as it works for all games mostly). You have to be careful, patient, remember places with good staff, learn how to use weapons and kill enemies. To add speed follow instructions coming from your Personal Story and of course discover new places on the Map. It is important not to hurry as if you enter location dedicated to level 50 you will not survive more than a couple of seconds. In a meantime discover Waypoints, visit Lion Arch.

Once you reach level 25 you will be ready to carry better equipment and fight with stronger beasts.

Now, level 25 up to 35, should be done with your Commander and team. However, it is important to understand that groups of enemies will be trying to rob you from your experience. If time is not your friend, visit Edge of the Mists, as there is just a little chance you are going to meet hoards of hungry beasts. Level up in your pace and do not feel worried about gained experience.

When you get to level 35 you are almost done! With the boring part. Level 35 is where the game becomes more and more interesting: raids and dungeons are waiting here for brave heroes. Remember, it is much faster to run them with a group of friends. Better skilled friends. You can act as a wingman and learn how to deal with unexpected events. So the best way is to find someone who will lead you here (even up to level 60).

I did not get that chance and run almost all raids solo. Do not be a copycat. Learn from my mistakes. I still recall my anger when I was trying to survive. Again. And again.

Level 60 opens Master Tier Traits. My suggestion is to complete all three paths, as you can learn a lot and get a significant number of experience. It takes some time but is worth doing. Next, you can choose from 11 dungeon paths. It is recommended to do all 11, again you level up and get a lot of experience (you can easily end with 73-75 level).

Up to 80

Go to the Citadel of Flame and complete all challenges here. At the end of the day, you should be able to unlock level 80.

Sounds easy? It is not. But it is worth every second, as when you reached GW2 to level 80 game looks a bit different.

There is an additional way, PvP arena, but that is probably for another day.

Now it’s time for you to level up in Guild Wars 2! Play GW2 in the cloud now.

Marta Adranowska
Marta Adranowska
Guest blogger

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