How To Get Better At Fortnite? 10 Tips [PC, Xbox One & PS4].

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Fortnite on Android gameplay


the quality of Fortnite gameplay on Android

If you still prefer to play Fortnite on your computer, make sure that you don’t experience any lag issues. Lags will make your game running slower and the tips mentioned below won’t be helpful.

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Do you find yourself struggling to get better at Fortnite and the lack of time is not the reason?

Most players do struggle, even experienced ones.

Fortnite is deep in strategy and you are pretty much on your own on learning the game.

In this article, you will learn tips, strategies, and tactics to make you get good at Fortnite. You will see your ranks go high.

Ready to win in Fortnite and achieve Victory Royale?

Let’s dive into the Fortnite pro tips which will turn you into the Fortnite Master!

1. Empty Your Cup

Do you ask yourself sometimes:

Why am I so bad at Fortnite?

Forget your strategies and tactics you learned from previous multiplayer shooters. Most likely, the goal of those games is to frag as many as you can and get your kill/death ratio as high as you can.

There’s only one goal you need to focus on if you want to finally be good at Fortnite.

That is to Survive.

You don’t have to go for the kill whenever you see your enemies like what you usually do in most shooters.

You don’t have to rush things.

Just stay alive!

In this game, the one that survives the last is the winner.

You only need one kill to become the only survivor. On rare occasions, you don’t have to kill at all!

So go ahead and take your time. Take fewer fights. It’s totally fine to Camp. Find weapons and items you need to become the last survivor to win in Fortnite and achieve Victory Royale!

2. What Mouse Sensitivity Levels Are Right For You?

Don’t just stick to the default sensitivity settings.

Finding the right sensitivity settings for you is not just a Fortnite shooting tip, you will also benefit on your building skill.

You will be surprised how much improvements you will have by just adjusting your sensitivity.

Experiment with different levels of sensitivity.

In my case, I find myself better at lowering the sensitivity.

So, you are wondering how to adjust the mouse?

In order to adjust your sensitivity:

Step 1. Press escape and click the gear icon on the upper right corner of the screen to access the options.
Step 2. Click again on the gear icon next to display settings.
Step 3. There, you will find the mouse sensitivity settings and adjust it to your preference. This both works for Mac and PC versions.

how to get good at fortnite

You think only mouse users can benefit from this tip?

You are wrong.

Adjusting your sensitivity is not just a Fortnite for PC tip.

You can also benefit from adjusting the sensitivity if you are playing Fortnite for PS4 and Xbox One.

Accessing the sensitivity options is just the same as the Mac and PC versions.

Instead of hitting escape, press:

  • Menu (Xbox One) or
  • Options (PS4)

button and follow the same steps. The main difference is, there are no display settings on game consoles and it will take you immediately on the sensitivity settings.

Mouse sensitivity is just one of the issues you can have while playing Fortnite on a Mac or PC.

Better doublecheck that your computer meets all Fortnite system requirements (read now) so you can be sure that your hardware doesn’t interrupt you to win the game!

3. How Well Should You Know Your Weapons?

Weapons tiers in Fortnite is divided into five colors.

From weakest to strongest. That’s from gray, green, blue, purple to orange.

It’s very important to memorize this in your head.

Get the highest tier guns as much as possible.

It also helps to keep your weapon slotting consistent. Weapons and items in Fortnite are randomly arranged according to the order you acquire them.

Pro players take time to drop and re-acquire the weapons in sequence based on the arrangement they want it. You should do the same.

Not really sure how to do this?

Look at the example below:


  • short and medium-range weapons on slot 1 and 2
  • long-range weapon on slots 3-4
  • healing/shielding items on slot 5

fortnite shooting tips

Organize your weapons now – play Fortnite in the cloud

This way you will know what number you will need to push on your keyboard to get what you need without looking at the screen. Most likely this is in your muscle memory playing multiplayer shooting games.

Time will be saved by not making yourself think constantly what keys or buttons to push.

This makes a big difference especially in the heat of a gunfight.

You may have your own preference for arranging your weapon slots.

Experiment what works best for you and makes you become a better Fortnite player.

4. You Wanna Make Sure You Get Weapons Before Your Enemies Do, Right?

Dive faster. The faster you land the faster you get loots, weapons, and other tools to kill your enemies.

It helps to land on lower points of the map than on the higher ones like mountains and buildings. It will make your landing faster.


Because your glider will deploy once the game detected you are close to hitting the ground.

Gliding makes your landing slower. Ideally, you want to aim at lower points of the map-making your glider deploy later then land faster.

I will also remind you to check the whole map after you land.

Looking at the map will let you know how the storm will cover the island to give you an idea of where you should go.

5. Need Help Hitting The First Shot?

Keep your crosshair at head and shoulder level.

Keeping your crosshair at head and shoulder level is a very important Fortnite shooting tip when you are in short and mid-range areas.

I see lots of players on third and first-person shooting games constantly looking down as they walk.

I’m not sure if they are doing this because the field of view is better or what. This usually happens while in closed indoor areas.

It’s a big mistake.

Once you see the enemy it will take time for you to move up your crosshair and shoot.

The extra milliseconds is very very critical because it determines who will make the first shot and give the first damage then go for the kill.

Do you wonder how your enemies got super fast aim when you got killed?

Maybe they are just keeping their crosshairs up.

TIP: This is not only applicable in Fortnite. This also applies to virtually any online shooting games out there.

how to get kills in fortnite

Improve your hitting skills now – play Fortnite online

6. A Retreat Is Not Defeat

Not yet ready to go to battle?

Do you see yourself in a disadvantage and losing the gunfight?

Run away!

It’s totally fine to run away from a gunfight if you find yourself losing.

Retreating is not a cowardly act.

It is a brilliant strategy.

It is even used in the military.

When you play Fortnite game, you will find yourself in different disadvantageous situations.

For example: having only short-range weapons while someone is shooting at you using rifles at a distance.

This is the situation where you should retreat.

You can get back to your enemies once you are healed and equipped with a variety of powerful weapons.

Remember, your goal is to survive.

7. Get On High Ground

Getting on high ground is a strategy that is applicable virtually to all shooter games out there.

This strategy is also used in the military.

In the book Art of War by Sun Tzu, getting on the high ground to let the enemy attack from a lower position is advised. Fighting from an elevated position is advantageous for different reasons.

Use this to survive in Fortnite.

how to be better at fortnite

Start shooting from a high ground immediately – play Fornite now

8. Wanna Know The Skill You Need To Get You To The Expert Level? 

That’s Building skill.


Building is what separates Fortnite from any other shooters out there.

This is the critical skill you need if you are serious of becoming a pro Fortnite player.

Learn to build structures quickly and strategically in the heat of a gunfight.

Quickly build walls to defend yourself from gunshots. Build ramps to get yourself on the higher ground to make it easier for you to shoot enemies.

You also can use this tactic to escape losing gunfights and re-organize yourself.

Building is a critical part of your offense and defense.

Practice how to build better in Fortnite. Make building become your second nature.

Ok, you now learned the strategies and tactics you can use in the game. I will now remind you of 2 important general tips you likely forgot to help you level up your skills. Mostly in everything. Keep reading.

how to build better in fortnite

Start building like a pro and become a better Fornite player – play Fortnite now

9. What Can You Learn By Observing Others?

Do not just learn on your own, unless you want your improvements slow.

Watch pro gamers and observe how they play.

Watch them how they get kills in Fortnite.

How they build.

Watching other pros might help you absorb their strategies, tactics and maybe some intangibles that you will find useful.

Be a sponge.

Absorb what you learn from observing others and discard what is useless to you.

You can find lots of these pro players streaming their game on Youtube and Twitch. Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) and Gernader Jake (Jake Straus) are good examples.

TIP: Don’t have time to follow pro layers? You can watch their videos during your downtime like commuting, waiting for a long line, and other scenarios that kills your time so you don’t have to sacrifice gaming time to watch them.

Make watching the pros as a habit to get better at Fortnite.

Here you will find a list of the best Fortnite players to watch:

1. Ninja
2. GernaderJake
3. Ali “Myth” Kabani
4. CourageJD
5. KingRichard

10. Practice Makes Perfect, Right?

The more you play the more you practice.

At first, you will fail a lot. But, more failures mean more lessons leading to more improvements.

Play more and find the best sensitivity settings suited to you.

More hours to spend to familiarize yourself with different weapons and items learning the best way to utilize them.

Another hours and hours of gaming time to master the art of building which is critical to winning the game.

Always remember, constant practice is the best way to get better at something. For sure, pro-Fortnite players spent hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours to reach their level.

If you keep on practicing, you will see yourself getting better at Fortnite for sure.

11.Bonus tip! Don’t Play Fair. Take Advantage Of Your Resources.

I’m not talking about cheating and using in-game resources.

I’m talking about your real-life resources. Your money.

Spend and make your gaming set up the best way to play Fortnite.

Who knows?

Maybe the top Fortnite players out there are using these advantages too.

These are some of the advantages your resources can give you to get better at Fortnite:

Surround sound system

Knowing where the sounds of bullets, explosions and other in-game sounds come from will give you an advantage. A surround sound headphone is enough to do the job.

Gaming router

A gaming router prioritizes network traffic from games. It will help reduce lag giving you smoother online gaming experience.


The most expensive part of your gaming rigs. The better they are, the smoother your game will be.

Short on cash upgrading your rig? You don’t have to invest a lot in your hardware if you will play Fortnite online.

Fortnite will be streamed from the powerful servers so you don’t need to upgrade your gaming rigs. Plus, you can play Fortnite online in your browser, TV, laptop or phone – anywhere!

Speaking of advantages, players of Fortnite for PS4 and Xbox One are at a disadvantage.

Yes, you can be good at aiming using analog sticks but mouse users will always have advantages on building.

Good luck using your gamepads against pro mouse and keyboard players on crossplays.

Serious becoming a pro in Fortnite?

Ditch the gamepads and switch to mouse and keyboard combo.

Yeah, I know you are worried about spending too much on a good gaming rig. There’s no need. Fortnite in a cloud will solve these problems for you. You will not only have a great experience playing Fortnite by just using a nongaming computer. You will also experience PC exclusives too.

I hope you enjoyed reading and you will use these tips at making yourself get better at Fortnite Battle Royale.

Did you find these tips helpful? Which one is your favorite? You wanna give your own tips? Let me know in the comments!

Alvin Chua
Alvin Chua
Guest blogger
I’m a multiplatform gamer but mostly spends my gaming time on my PC. I believe cloud gaming is the future and I will deliver you good stuff about games that we will play online. Besides gaming, I also love to draw on my free time and I collect art books.

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