Tips & tricks on how to make more money in GTA.

Cost and amount of vehicles, weapons, clothes, gadgets for sale in GTA is overwhelming. Luckily the amount of money that can be earned is also growing. Rockstar knows how to build things. Here is a little knowledge base we gathered for you:

1. Daily objectives – nothing to be added. Just do it. Everyday.

2. Missions – each mission pay the highest amounts after 15 minutes. When you leave earlier you will not get all that money. Obvious tip – you get more when you play hard level, medium when you play normal mode and less playing the easiest one. Playing together means more money. GTA encourages to play with friends and strangers, so be careful with whom you are spending your time. Seriously? Find someone online and ask if she/he wants to make more money. You can even start a statistic how many say no.

3. Become a CEO. Be your own boss, act like Steve and Bill and who else is important to you. But first, you need to buy an office and warehouse. Decorate it, name it but first think about location, size, and costs of running. Join millionaires club. Sell crates and get some associates. You can retire later and keep ALL that money with you. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

4. Heists pay well in GTA. But it is not easy to run them well, and it is not your fault, mostly. If you are not co-operative and you don’t have communication skills, go straight forward to next point. Heists are about crew/team work and being able to communicate easily. Hard work pays better, remember. Push the limits and you will earn a lot.

5. Do all tasks, challenges, participate in events, steal cars, sell drugs – all that staff will keep your finances in a good shape. However, there are a couple of passive ways to earn money, like Bunkers, MC Business and more, but that will be explained later. GTA money – here we come.

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Marta Adranowska
Marta Adranowska
Guest blogger

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