Google Stadia. 5 things you must know + best alternatives [list].

Ok. So what is this hype all about?

Everyone is talking about Google Stadia right now. There are tones of articles, news updates, and videos which literally bombard you all around. It’s easy to get lost, we know it.

And you are probably wondering:

What’s most important for me to know about Google Stadia?

Don’t you worry and look no further.

I have listed the replies to the most burning questions in this easy and comprehensible guide.

In this blogpost you will learn:

  1. How Google Stadia works (and the technology behind it)
  2. What are new and fancy features that Google Stadia promises
  3. When Google Stadia will be launched
  4. Where it will be available
  5. What games will be available on Stadia
  6. Top Google Stadia alternatives that you can start using right now

So, let’s dive into the topic!

1. How does Google Stadia work?

Google Stadia is a new cloud gaming platform, which will let you play games without any computer or hardware. This means that you will be able to play games online and with no download.

Look at the specification Google Stadia will provide you with:

  • you will be able to play games in 4k, 60 frames per second and HDR mode. In future streaming will be available in 8K and 120 fps.
  • your game will be streamed from powerful servers:

Google stadia servers

The servers’ power seems amazing but…

Is the cloud gaming concept really new?

No. There are several cloud gaming services which provide game streaming for a long time ago. I have listed the best Google Stadia alternatives at the end of this blogpost for you.

2. What are the new features that Google Stadia promises?

Ok, you learned about cloud gaming technology and you know that this is not something new.

In this case, what makes Google Stadia really special?

Are there any features that will make Stadia REALLY stand apart?

Let’s take a look at the most promising features:

State Share

This will be a file which you will be able to transfer to your friend with a current state of your game. It will allow you to share key moments of your game with other players. If your friend will click on the link, he will be able to enter your game at a specific time, for example, to help you out.

The link will preserve:

  • world state
  • your position
  • your inventory

Crowd Play

Playing with your favorite streamer is right at your fingertips. You will be able to sign up and wait in the queue to play with a streamer. Once your march will be over, another viewer will get his chance to play.

Google Stadia YouTube integration

You will be able to use the Google Assistant to find videos and walkthroughs on YouTube. A single press of the assistant button on the Stadia controller while playing will bring you to the right guide.

3. When Google Stadia will be launched?

Google gaming boss Phil Harrison said, that Google Stadia will be launched “later this year”. For the time being, there is no exact date given.

4. Where it will be available?

First markets where Google Stadia will be introduced are: USA, Canada and UK. If you live in a different country, you will have to wait longer, probably until 2020.

5. What games you’ll be able to play on Stadia?

Ok, so you briefly learned about technology and stuff. Cool. But what’s most important for you as for a gamer?

Games, obviously.

So far, Google announced only 3 titles:

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • Doom Eternal
  • Something from Q-Games

Apart from those games, Google created its own studio! It will be led by Jade Raymond, the former Ubisoft, and EA executive, so you can expect some AAA titles to be announced.

6. Top Google Stadia alternatives that you can start using right now

You don’t have to wait for Google Stadia in order to experience cloud gaming. I will compare already existing Stadia alternatives for you.

The list is divided by different features, so you can follow it one-by-one and see the winner in each category.

1. Reach

Google Stadia – not released yet. When it will be launched, it will be available in: USA, Canada and UK

Vortex Cloud Gaming – servers are located around the world. You can play anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Shadow Tech – service is available all around the globe, however, you might experience latency if you are very far from their datacenters – for example in the South America or Asia.

Parsec – worldwide.

LiquidSky – not available anymore.

Winning: Vortex, Parsec, LiquidSky

2. Games

Google Stadia – there are only 3 titles announced so far.

Vortex Cloud Gaming – there are over 100 games available, AAA titles included – Fortnite, GTA V, Minecraft.

Shadow Tech – you upload the games of your choice

Parsec – you upload the games of your choice

LiquidSky – you upload the games of your choice

Winning: no winner, depends on what are you looking for

3. Price

Google Stadia – $9.99 per month

Vortex Cloud Gaming – $9.99 per month

Shadow Tech – starts at $11.99 per month

Parsec – price is calculated based on several factors (servers, time, storage). The calculation method might be confusing. Look at the cost estimation below.

Parsec subscription scenario

To put it into a conclusion: you never know how much you gonna pay.

LiquidSky – starts at $19,99 per month.

Winning: Vortex


Google Stadia is definitely worth following. They are planning to introduce some new features as the first on the market. But if you are looking for gaming in the cloud experience, remember, that you don’t have to wait until Stadia is released.

Is Google Stadia in your opinion a game changer? Or there is rather a big hype around something which doesn’t deserve it? Give your opinion in the comments below!

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