How To Play Fortnite On Android Mobile Device: 2 easy ways

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Is there an easier way to play Fortnite on Android than downloading .apk from Epic Games website?

As a fan of this battle royale masterpiece, I’m sure you have wondered about this. 

After all, who doesn’t want quick and easy access to their favorite game!

But here’s what the problem is:

To play it easily (and have as much fun as you do on PC), you have to go through some technical hassles that really put your patience to test. 

So what do you do?

How do you play Fortnite on your Android devices when there’s no official Fortnite app on the Google Play Store?

You will learn all the methods in this blogpost. Cloud gaming is one of them.

Cloud gaming is the easiest, cheapest and surefire way to play your beloved Fortnite on Android. And guess what? It comes with the added benefit of playing the game anytime from anywhere!

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And here is what you will know when you finish reading the blogpost:

  • Why you can’t play Fortnite easily on your Android devices
  • How to solve this problem
  • The quickest, simplest and proven ways of playing Fortnite on Android devices

So … let’s start:

Fortnite is Epic Games’ smash-hit battle royale game that became a worldwide sensation – to the point that there are million-dollar Fortnite tournaments played by hundreds and enjoyed by millions. 

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An online third-person multiplayer shooter game, Fortnite is fun and quirky and pretty strategic. It’s got several pop-cultural references and popular celebratory dances. You’re free to build, battle and create in its colorful world.

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It’s a game your friends are most likely to play or are already playing – so it’s easy to join up with them and enjoy a quick game. 

In which case, it really helps to have it available on portable platforms like your Android phones! 

That way you can fill in your ride on the bus with a quick deathmatch against 99 other players (100 players are pitted against each other on an island to fight in a last-man-standing format!).  

Unfortunately, there are a few pains you’ll have to go through to make this happen. 

Why can’t you play Fortnite on your Android devices?

As disappointing as it sounds, there’s no official Fortnite app available on the Google Play Store for you to quickly download, install and hit play. 

Trust me, I tried. 

First, I had to figure out how to actually get Fortnite on my Android phone. It turns out that Epic only lets you download the game from their website – they chose not to have it available on the Google Play Store. 

It’s generally riskier to circumvent the Play Store and download an APK file of the internet – so that’s something I had to consider.

Several security permission requests, (downloading) a 5.10 MB .apk file and an eternity later I was finally able to get Fortnite running on my Android phone. 

This wasn’t just a test of my downloading and installation skills, it was also a huge test of my patience. 

And even though I had to do it only once, I felt like my whole energy was spent on getting access to Fortnite on my device alone than on actually playing it!

Other than this, Epic has a huge list of Android phones that can support Fortnite. If your device doesn’t fall in that list, Epic requires you to have at least the following specs for Fortnite to run on your Android device:

  • OS:  Recommended Android 8.0 or higher, 64 bit
  • RAM: 3GB or higher
  • GPU: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher

But what happens if your Android phone doesn’t meet any of the above criteria?

Does that mean you don’t get to play Fortnite?

In the next section, we’ll tell you what you can do. 

If you are experiencing problems while playing Fortnite not only on your Android but also on your PC or MAC, check what are minimum system requirements for Fortnite.

How to play Fortnite on Android: Two Quickest, easiest, and most legit ways to do so!

Here are the top two ways to enjoy your much-loved battle-royale game on Android:

Play Fortnite on Android with Vortex 

This is hands down the most reliable and cost-effective way of playing Fortnite on Android.

Vortex is a cloud gaming platform that lets you play high-end games like Fortnite on any device. 

You don’t need to own any expensive gaming consoles or PCs to play on the cloud. All Vortex requires is a stable internet connection – which doesn’t even burn a hole in your pockets. 

What do you have to do? Simply follow the steps below and let the battle royale begin already!

  1. Download Vortex Cloud Gaming App on Google Play Store.Play Fortnite on Vortex - download Vortex from Google Play Store
  2. Create your account in the app (barely takes any time!).
    Create Vortex account
  3. Choose Fortnite from the list of games on display.Play Fortnite on Android
  4. Hit play! The subscription will only cost you $9.99 per month.

You will also need an in-game account for Fortnite. 

Make sure you have one beforehand or just do it through Vortex. It’ll give you the option to create an account on Epic quickly.

So what makes Vortex the topmost option to play Fortnite on Android?

Let’s see:

  • Downloading and installing the Vortex app on Android (or any other device) is faster, and easier than downloading a .apk file. 
  • With Vortex, you can play high-end games smoothly on low-end devices, without facing any lagging issues.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying gaming PCs to play a game on Vortex.
  • Vortex’s powerful servers directly stream the game to your device – which means you can say goodbye to heating issues caused by native apps eating your battery!
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to one game. You can play more games readily available on the Vortex library. 

The cons?

  • A monthly subscription fee (which can be a turn-off for people who only want free services). 
  • An in-game account. 

Vortex is like your high-end, powerful gaming PC.


You can play Fortnite everywhere, at any time, on any device using Vortex with just one subscription.


The fee is minimal and actually gives you access to a ton of games that you can then play on almost any device!

Here’s another platform you can opt for to play Fortnite on Android. 

Play Fortnite with Shadow

You can play Fortnite on Android with Shadow – another cloud gaming service that offers you high-performance gaming without the hardware.

Here’s what you have to do to play Fortnite using Shadow:

  1. Download and install the Shadow app. 
  2. Create an account to sign in. 
  3. Make sure you have a minimum internet speed of 15Mbps for optimal performance. 
  4. Select Fortnite and play. 

Again, make sure you have an in-game account. 

What are the pros of playing Fortnite on Shadow?

  • Powerful gaming experience without spending a fortune on the hardware
  • Exceptional graphics: GTX 1080 equivalent – up to 60Hz in 4K UHD and 144Hz in 1080p
  • A service optimized for most internet connections
  • You can play on any device and even switch screens while playing the game

The cons?

  • Currently, it’s only available in some states of the USA. 
  • It’s very pricey: $9.95 for 10 days followed by a monthly plan of $34.95. 


Shadow offers you extremely low latency and very powerful service. But it’s too pricey which beats the whole point of playing Fortnite (or any other game) using cloud services.

$34.99 can be a lot. In comparison, Vortex offers the same service for just $9.99. Head to Google Play Store, download Vortex App and start playing Fortnite and other games for only $9.99/mo!

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Final Thoughts:

The Perks Of Playing Fortnite on Android in the cloud

Cloud gaming is the most convenient way to play Fortnite on Android. The biggest takeaways are:


  • Cost: Cloud gaming is cost-effective and works on multiple platforms.
  • Easiness: Cloud gaming is super easy to set up and low-maintenance.
  • Gaming experience: Cloud gaming operates smoothly and does not require expensive, high-end hardware.


And if you choose the right service, gaming becomes even more fun!

Have you ever thought about playing Fortnite in the cloud? If yes, what service did you use? Let us know in the comments below. 

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