How to Play Fallout 4 on Your Android Mobile Device? [3 easy steps]

Do you think interesting role-playing games like Fallout 4 are only for people who own a high-end gaming PC?

Luckily not!

 Play Fallout 4 on your Android device. Use a cloud gaming app to enjoy the same quality you would on any high-end gaming console or PC for just $9.99/mo.

Download the app and play Fallout 4 on Android now!

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Fallout 4 on mobile example

the quality of Fallout 4 gameplay on Android

Today, I’m going to show you how to play Fallout 4 on your Android mobile device without any hassle.

For high-definition gaming, you may often doubt the possibility of playing cool games like Fallout 4 on mobile.

Especially, when you consider the many fake apps that litter the Internet.

But the truth is, you can actually play Fallout 4 on your Android mobile device.

And you won’t be forced to install any hocus-pocus app.

In fact, playing this stellar game on mobile is as easy as accessing your files on Google Drive. You get the same quality but on a smaller screen.

I know you’re now itching to know how possible it is to play Fallout 4 on an Android mobile device.

The answer is cloud gaming.

With cloud gaming technology you can play Fallout 4 on your Android phone and enjoy the same quality you would on any high-end gaming console or PC.

Look at another screenshot to see the quality of Fallout 4 gameplay on Android:

Fallout 4 Android gameplay

And here’s what to do:

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or 4G. Then…
  2. Create an account on Vortex in 90 seconds to enjoy Fallout 4 on your Android mobile device.

Play Fallout 4 on your mobile device now.

But before trying Vortex you might want to know…

Does Fallout 4 mobile version exist?

I was among the first to ask that question when the game launched a few years back. I loved the game and wanted to play it everywhere.

But I couldn’t.

Because Bethesda Game Studios did NOT release Fallout 4 on mobile platforms.

Although there is an official Pip-Boy App which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can’t play the game with the Pip-Boy app alone.

The Pip-Boy app shows you game stats, plays music and monitors inventory while you play the game on a PC or gaming rig.

PRO TIP: In case you are experiencing Pip-Boy dark screen, read our super-quick guide on how to fix ‘Dark Pip-Boy’ issue

What about the Fallout 4 mobile app found on Google?

Those apps you see on Google are fake and unhelpful click-baits loaded with ads:

fallout 4 android apk

If you click any of the links shown in the Google result page screenshot, you’ll be redirected to download one or more third-party apps. Or complete an offer.

Like this one:

Then you’re required to run these third-party apps for some time (usually 30 seconds). Before your device is verified, after which you can now download the game.

Spoiler alert: you never get verified!

If you finally download any Fallout 4.apk file, you’ll quickly find out what you downloaded is absolutely fake.

You can’t tell for sure what those unhelpful apps do on your device. They might be keyloggers or phishing apps aimed at stealing your private information.

I advise you delete them immediately.

Sadly, I too fell victim of those fraudulent apps while trying to install a Fallout 4 apk file on my Android smartphone.

In my case, after I downloaded and installed a Fallout 4 apk file, I was asked to download and install another app to unlock it.

It was a bottomless pit.

fallout 4 fake app download

But, as you already know, playing Fallout 4 on your mobile is possible. And you don’t need to suffer before you get it, just play Fallout 4 in the cloud for just 9,99$ per month.

Now, as you already know how to play Fallout 4 on Android, you might want to discover what Fallout 4 is about (if you know it already, skip to the next section with detailed steps how to connect to Vortex cloud).

What is Fallout 4 about?

Fallout 4 is the fifth of the Fallout series produced by Bethesda Game Studios.

The story of Fallout 4 is crafted around Boston and Massachusetts.

The game is set in the year 2287. This is exactly 10 years following Fallout 3. And 210 years after a devastating nuclear war that rattled the United States.

Fallout 4 is about a character named “Sole-Survivor”. He survives a catastrophic nuclear strike after being frozen in a hi-tech underground bunker for hundreds of years.

But, the character has lost his family of two at that time. His wife is dead and he must search and rescue his kidnapped son.

Your role will be to help Sole Survivor find his son and avenge his wife.

How does Fallout 4 gameplay look like?

What you will enjoy with Fallout 4 is freedom. With the layered armor system, you can upgrade weapons and armor suits.

You are also free to roam or fast travel around the game’s world. You can start conversations, scavenge for supplies, and build a base.

The graphics of the game is superb and the soundtrack is pretty cool too.

On Android mobile, you get to enjoy exactly the same high-definition quality.

Wow! There’s even voice acting for the main character.

What more can one ask for? This is a thoroughly enjoyable game.

Now you have an idea of the game and you know that you can play this game on your phone. But you don’t know how to get it on your mobile…

Look at the simple steps below:

How to get Fallout 4 mobile game on Android?

Step 1:

Ensure you have a steady internet connection. You can use Wi-Fi or LAN here. Or even 4G.
Make sure your connection is steady at a minimum 10Mbps.

Step 2:

Sign up to Vortex.
Note: Your Android device must be running Android 4.4 OS or later.

Step 3:

Download Vortex Cloud Gaming App on Google Play Store and Log in with the account you created earlier.

Vortex Login Screen

Vortex will serve as your mobile console. And enable you to play Fallout 4 or any other high-end game you fancy.

Step 4:

Select Fallout 4 from the list of displayed games on your screen.

Vortex fallout 4 on dashboard

Step 5:

Subscribe to Vortex to play the game.

fallout 4 on android mobile

The best thing is, that playing Fallout 4 on mobile will cost you only $9,99 per month.

That’s not all there is to count on if you get this nice game on your Android smart device.

What are the benefits of Fallout 4 on Android mobile device?

  • Portability:

I stated earlier how I wanted to play the game everywhere.
With Fallout 4 on your mobile device, you can enjoy this game anywhere. While you’re commuting, waiting or at your leisure.
You can now play Fallout 4 where you want, as long as there’s a stable internet connection.

  • Cost:

Consider the cost of buying a high-end gaming console or PC. With Fallout 4 on your mobile, you don’t have to spend all that money.
One must also factor in the high cost of maintaining an expensive gaming PC or console.

  • Accessibility:

You can play Fallout 4 on your mobile device anytime; with minimum fuss. No cable management problems or overheating console to bother you.
You can play your game with ease without any lagging. Plus you don’t need to install clumsy files.

  • Co-op:

With this game on mobile, you can invite your friends to play Fallout 4 with you when you guys hang out.

Let’s get to the key points!


  • You can play Fallout 4 on Android mobile although the publishers did not make a mobile app for it.
  • Downloading any mobile Fallout 4 app or following an online tutorial to do the same is a waste of time
  • Cloud gaming is the way to go if you really want to enjoy this game on mobile.
  • The benefits of playing Fallout 4 on your android device are portability, cost, and accessibility.


All the process outlined in this guide is easy to follow. There’s no endless circle because I hate moving in circles.
Fallout 4 is one of the best role-playing games available now. And it’s exciting to have this nice game available on mobile.

How else did you manage to get Fallout 4 on your Android Mobile device? Did you suffer any hassle while playing the game on mobile? Let me know via the comments section.

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