How To Play Doom On Your Android Device? All You Need To Know.

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Doom gameplay on Android

the quality of Doom gameplay on Android

If you’re a fan of first-person shooter video games, then you’re probably familiar with the granddaddy of them all: Doom (1993) for MS-DOS.

And if you’re a fan of the series, then you’ve no doubt heard of the 2016 reboot.

Doom (2016) is a first-person shooter developed by id Software, published by Bethesda Softworks, and is a reboot of the original classic video game of the same name. Since its release, it has been seen on multiple platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Steam, and even the Nintendo Switch.

The franchise has clearly come a long way from its original release solely for the PC.

But what if you want to play it elsewhere? If you wanted to play Doom on Android…could you?

The Short Answer

Is there a way to play Doom (2016) on Android?…

No. Currently, there is no official release of Doom for Android devices.

It seems for now, you’ll have to settle for knock-off “Doom clones”. You know…the ones with stick figures instead of demons and pillows instead of guns.

Sounds fun, right? I bet you’re already rushing to download “Stickman Pillow Fight V”.

Well, before you hand over the cash…

What if I told you there were other ways you could play Doom on your Android device?

With cloud gaming technology, you can play Doom on your Android phone and enjoy the same quality you would on any high-end gaming console or PC.

Wanna check some other options? You will learn about them further in the article, but before digging into this topic, let’s discover…

Why Isn’t Doom On Android?

Honestly? Because this isn’t the original Doom from 1993 which only required 8mb of RAM.

This 2016 version requires some serious processing power to handle everything:

  • the graphics
  • the frames per second (FPS)
  • waves and waves of enemy demons trying to rip your head off

Android devices simply can not handle that sort of power…yet.

But good news!

You don’t have to wait for Android to have the same power as a PS4 to play it.

While there may not be an official release yet, here are a few of the ways you can play Doom (2016) on your Android device right now.

1. Vortex Cloud Gaming

If you’re looking to play Doom on Android, then streaming is your best (and only legitimate) way to do so.

This is because your phone only streams the game. It isn’t actually handling any of the processing power required to make it work.

And the cool bit is you can stream Doom straight through Vortex, a multi-platform cloud gaming service.

There are no installations, no downloads, and no updating.

You’ll stream Doom directly from the powerful servers. They’ll do all the heavy-lifting processing so your Android device doesn’t explode from the stress.

Which also means you don’t need an expensive gaming rig – or a computer at all – to play.

Honestly, it’s the simplest and most straightforward way to play Doom on Android until there’s an official release.

Click and check playing Doom on Android now.

2. Stream Doom from your PC

If you already own the game on your PC you can also stream it directly from there as well.

Watch out: This tip will work for you ONLY if you have a high-end gaming PC that can handle running Doom AND streaming it at the same time.

Fair warning though, this method requires some potentially sketchy downloads and some computer know-how.

Step 1: Download a program

If you don’t already have one, safely download a program, like Remotr, for your computer that will allow you to stream to another device.

Step 2: Download an app

Go to the app store on your Android device and download a program (for example Remotr) that will actually allow you to play the game being streamed from your PC.

Step 3: Connect an app to the PC

Connect your Android app to your PC via Bluetooth, wifi, or manually inputting your IP address (this process differs from app to app).

Step 4: Set up an Android app

Set up your Android app so that you can use on-screen controls to play the game. After that, you should be all set.

Keep in mind this is not an ideal way to play Doom on your Android device.

Using this method can lead to a lot of potential problems, like:

  • Malware or phising attempts hidden within any third-party apps you download.
  • Latency issues and lag causing your game to be severely delayed.
  • Potentially too much work for your PC to handle.

It’s a lot of hard effort for not a lot of decent reward.

And if you accidentally do download malware? You could be looking at some serious damage to your PC and/or Android device.

However…if you’re 100% set on using this approach, you should definitely look into Remotr. It’s safe, secure, and comes with in-depth setup guides.

3. Settle For Copycats

Doom (2016) may not have an official Android release…

But that hasn’t stopped third-party game developers from creating their own Doom clones in the meantime.

If you’re really desperate to play an FPS on your phone and don’t care about quality, you can always explore bootleg games on the app store.

Seriously…do a search right now for “Doom” and see how many games pop up with ridiculous titles like “Alien Zombie Shell 3” or “Demon Gun: Doom Alert”.

Get ready to fork over a few bucks to play them though, even if they’re free.

In-app purchases are the bane of every mobile gamer’s existence. And you can safely bet this game will be full of them.

(Or maybe you’ll just have to sit through a 30-second ad for every 15 enemies beaten.)

Like I said, if you’re that desperate to play an FPS on the go, this is technically an option.


And there you have it.

Doom (2016) may not have an official release on Android devices yet, but there are plenty of other ways to play it.

If you’re willing to risk viruses and don’t mind latency issues, streaming directly from your PC could be an option for you.

Or, if you don’t care about quality (or ads) you could settle for a bootleg Doom clone from the app store.

But if you’re itching to play Doom (2016) on your Android device – and you actually care about quality and latency – then cloud gaming is your best bet.

If you want to see for yourself how fast and simple the cloud gaming is, subscribe to the Vortex.

What did you think of the methods I listed? Have experience trying any of them yourself? Know another way to play on Android that we left out?

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Kyle Butler
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