How to fix ‘Dark Pip-Boy’ issue in Fallout 4? Follow 3 simple steps.

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Are you playing Fallout 4 and not seeing your screen properly?

Just keep calm, you are not alone.

It simply means that you’ve experienced a Pip-Boy problem. And it’s easy to overcome!

This super quick and easy guide will show you a fast and simple way to fix “Dark Pip-Boy” issue in Fallout 4.

How does Pip-Boy screen look like?

As you can see below, Pip-Boy screen is barely visible and sometimes it looks even worse!

But we’ve got an easy solution for that. You need to follow 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Run Fallout 4

After starting Fallout 4 you will see the launcher window. You need to click “Options”:

Step 2. Make changes in Fallout 4 options 

A new window will pop-up. Click “Advanced” and in the ‘Ambient Occlusion’ drop-down menu choose either “OFF (Best performance)” or “HBAO+ (Ultra)”. Both of these settings will work.

3. Voilà! The Pip-Boy issue is fixed and you can enjoy playing Fallout 4.

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