Apex Legends: 10 most important things you need to know.

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You just must have heard of Apex Legends. The battle royale game that garnered 25 million players without any promotion in the first week of its launch.

With the game, Respawn Entertainment has clearly distinguished itself from other battle royale game developers.

Apex Legends is packed with different and interesting characters. All these features joined together will allow you to have a great gaming experience playing the game.

The truth is that Apex Legends IS a big deal and if by now you still don’t know about it or know how to play it, then you are missing out.

The good news is that I have decided to provide you with an in-depth review of Apex Legends. And I am sure that this review will help you understand the game better.

After reading this post, you will know:

  • How to play the game like a pro? (even if you are a new player)
  • Where to play it?
  • Different features and characters present in the game
  • How to win in Apex Legends?

You probably know, that the more you practice, the better you get! And to practice more you can now play Apex Legends not only on your computer but also on your Android device.

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If you want to learn more about possible options of playing Apex Legends on mobile, read the blogpost: ‘How To Play Apex Legends On Your Android Mobile Devices? (read now)’.

So are you ready to discover Apex Legends? If you are ready, let me begin, shall we?

Apex Legends – what makes it so different?

The game’s launch, came as a “shock” because it launched when it was least expected.

Apex Legends contented with tons of other battle royale games and stood up tall. But the question is:

If there are tons of battle royale games, what then makes Apex Legends unique from others?

The truth is that Apex Legends is not 100% unique. What Respawn Entertainment simply did was to incorporate some of the features of other popular battle royale games into theirs. After which they spiced these popular features with some unique features of their own.

Here are some of the unique features that you will love in Apex Legends because they distinguish in popular battle royale games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and PUBG.

1. Apex Legends lets you choose characters from any character class.

Each character also known as “Legend” has their own unique abilities that make them special to their team. The characters that are present in Apex Legends are Mirage, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Bangalore, Caustic, and Wraith (more on Wraith later).

The fact that you can choose your hero distinguishes Apex Legends from other battle royale games like Fortnite and Call of Duty which gives you a little control on the choice of your characters.

2. Characters are immune to fall damage.

Apex Legends does not restrict the ability for you to climb or jump from any height of your choice like Fortnite and PUBG does.

This feature allows you to worry less about your character sustaining injuries that may arise from heavy landing. Also, the ability to jump from any height gives you an upper hand over your enemy as you can attack by jumping over an enemy.

3. Apex Legends’ map layout is simple to read and easy to understand.

The map clearly indicates where loots are and the quality of these loots. Also, the map indicates to you cliffs, plain lands, and so on thereby making it easy for you to navigate your character with ease.

These earlier mentioned details are not clearly outlined in the maps of other battle royale game like Fortnite and Call Of Duty.

4. Revive your teammates if they are down or killed.

A teammate is down when their health level is at zero, here the downed teammate can crawl to safety but cannot defend itself with any weapons.

To heal this downed member, you will stand next to the member and hold a key to initiate the healing. The button you will hold depends on the device you are playing Apex Legends on. You can use the “up” button to revive your teammates on PC and Xbox One and button “4” on PC.

If one of your teammates, however, is dead, you must carry his or her body to the revive machine to reinstate such a teammate in the game. Where the revive machines are on the maps and I advise you to always stay around a revive machine.

To revive downed teammates on Call of Duty and Fortnite, you will need to move close to the downed teammate and hold the “initiate” button on your controller.

How to play Apex Legends?

Apex Legend is a free-to-play battle royale game that is available on the Origin store. In Apex Legends you and your other two teammates will face 19 other teams, each consisting of 3 members. Simply put, Apex Legends is based on “the survival of the fittest”.

Before the game begins, Apex Legends allows you and your team members to choose a character. Please note that two members of a team cannot choose the same character.

Each of the members of your team will assume different responsibilities and the third to choose a character is the Jumpmaster. The Jumpmaster in Apex Legends is the decision-maker who makes decisions for the other members of the team.

For you and your teammates to survive, you must look for loots and equip yourself with it. These loots include weapons like:

  • grenade
  • guns
  • body amours

and other items.

What platform you can play on (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Cloud)

You can play Apex Legends on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on the PC with no charge. However, your device must meet the minimum requirements to run this game. I will outline the requirements for each device below:

Play Station 4:

At least of 2O GB free space.

Xbox One:

An Xbox Live Gold Subscription and 32 GB of free space to install the game.


Download the Origin app on your PC, Windows 7 or later OS, 6GB RAM, at least 30 GB of free space, Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz or AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz with a Quad-Core Processor, 1 GB GPU RAM.

Apart from playing Apex Legends on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation, you can play the game also in the cloud.

Cloud gaming enables you to play Apex Legends anytime and on any device. High-quality gaming will be streamed to your Android phone from powerful servers.

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How to win Apex Legends?

The aim of every gamer is to become a winner and I am sure the same goes for you. For you to win Apex Legends, your team must be the last squad standing, that is you must survive and kill all the other 19 squads.

There is no technique that can guarantee you a 100% winning chance, there are factors that can affect your chances of winnings. They are:

1st factor: Your character of choice:

The character that you choose before the game begins affects your chances of winning. This is because each of these characters has abilities that are unique to them. I will be dividing these abilities into three categories which are:

Passive ability: This ability is embedded in a character and it is automatically triggered.
Tactical ability: This ability can be used in only in combat.
Ultimate ability: This ability is used in a delicate situation in combat.

For you to have a better insight into each character and their abilities, I have decided to outline each character’s passive, tactical and ultimate abilities. Here we go:


Pathfinder is a robot with unique abilities that help it move around faster than its other teammates. Pathfinder can transport its teammates also and spring a surprise attack on the enemy.

Passive ability – Insider Knowledge: Scouts for the nearest ring location where it can transport itself and its teammate through.
Tactical ability – Grappling Hook: Escapes with its grappling hook to a safe place.
Ultimate ability – Zipline Gun: Creates a zip line for itself and its teammates to escape with.

Pathfinder Apex Legends


Mirage with its abilities can create play mind tricks with the enemy by posing holographs of himself and teammates as real.

Passive ability – Encore!: Create a decoy and cloaks for five seconds each time he is knocked down.
Tactical ability – Psyche Out: Creates and sent out a holograph to distract and confuse the enemy.
Ultimate ability – Vanishing Act: Creates a team of decoy to keep the enemy busy while he cloaks.


Wraith is one of the most resourceful characters in Apex Legends. With her abilities, she can spring surprise attacks on the enemy and move the whole of her team through portals she has created.

Passive ability – Voices from the Void: A voice that constantly warns Mirage of impending danger.
Tactical ability – Into the Void: Creates a void through which she can escape.
Ultimate ability – Dimensional Rift: Creates two interlinked portals that lead to two different locations through which she can move everyone.


Gibraltar with his abilities can shield himself and his teammate from heavy external attacks. In addition to this, he can perform a lethal offensive on the enemy as well.

Passive ability – Gun Shield: Blocks incoming fire with his gun shield.
Tactical ability – Dome of Protection: Protects everyone by dropping a dome-shield that block incoming fire for 15seconds.
Ultimate ability – Defensive Bombardment: Call for a heavy mortar strike support on a specific position.


Lifeline provides support to her teammates by providing them with medical kits when needed. She also has the ability to heal downed teammates.

Passive ability – Combat Medic: Revive a downed teammate 25% faster. She is protected from incoming fire by a shield wall.
Tactical ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone: Calls for Drone of Compassion to heal any of her teammates.
Ultimate ability – Care Package: Calls for support to drop a kit full of defensive gears.


Bloodhound is the sole tracker in Apex Legends. He senses if enemies have threaded a path his teammates is threading.

Passive ability – Tracker: Sees the enemies’ footprints.
Tactical ability Eye of the Allfather: Sees enemies and traps present in the next structure before you.
Ultimate ability – Beast of the Hunt: Enhances you to move faster than your enemies.

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Apex Legends character’s choice in Vortex Android app


Bangalore is a soldier class character. She can provide combat support to her teammates at crucial moments.

Passive ability – Double Time: Can take fire while sprinting at a fast pace at the same time.
Tactical ability – Smoke Launcher: Fires smoke bombs that explode on impact.
Ultimate ability – Rolling Thunder: Call for a heavy artillery strike on the enemy.


Caustic launches attack of the enemy by the use of poisonous gas. At times he uses this gas as a distraction.

Passive ability – Nox Vision: Can see the enemy through the gas deployed by him.
Tactical ability – Nox Gas Trap: Drops canisters of poisonous gas that can be triggered by the enemy or when shot at.
Ultimate ability – Nox Gas Grenade: Deploy deadly nox gas in an area

How well you use each of these abilities to your squad member’s best interest will increase your survival chances.

TIP: It is advisable that you master how to use at least three characters. This is because sometimes your favorite character may have been picked by one of your teammates.

2nd factor: The right choice of Jumpmaster:

If you are the Jumpmaster, you will be responsible for making decisions for your squad members. One of these decisions is when and where your team will land on the King Canyon.

TIP: If you think your team has a better-surviving chance with another member of the team becoming the Jumpmaster, then you should not hesitate to delegate the role.

3rd factor: The quality of your loots:

How high or low your loot determines how far you will go in Apex Legends. The level determines the quality of the loot. Apex Legends has three tiers of loots which are:

  • the common loots (represented with white),
  • the progress loot, represented with either blue or purple. The blue loot is a Level 2 loot while the purple loot is a Level 3
  • the legendary loots (represented with orange).

Legendary loots give you high and rare weapons, weapons attachments and armor that will increase your surviving chances more. Also, the more improved and sophisticated your weapons are, the more lethal the damage you cause will be when you attack.

TIP: Always equip yourself with as many loots that could find. Especially, the high-level loots.

4th factor: How well you cater for your teammates:

In Apex Legends, teamwork is everything and if you want to survive and win, you must stick closely to your teammates.

For example, if a teammate is down, he or she can use the Knockout Shield to protect themselves from any external attack. The Knockout Shield is included in the loot and it only lasts for a limited time.

If one of your teammates is shot to death, you must get to the revive machine in time to reinstate such team member back into the game.

TIP: Be supportive to your teammates.

5th factor: How quick you have access to weapons:

At the start of the game, a plane will convey you and your team to King Canyon. After your squad lands, the first task for you to do is to look for weapons.

How quick you can get weapons will increase your surviving chances as a battle can start almost immediately as you land, especially you landing in a battle zone. Failure to access weapons in time puts you and your team in the position of going to a battle unarmed.

TIP: Equip yourself with weapons as soon as you can.

Apex Legends Ammo

How many players can play Apex Legends?

As of the time of writing, only 3 players can play Apex Legends. In total, a game session consists of 20 squads of three members each (60 players).

How to play Solo in Apex Legends?

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends does not have a solo mode, at least not yet. The game will pair you with two other random players if you attempt to play it alone.

Apex Legends is a game where teamwork thrives as it increases your chances of survival. If you love battle royale games with solo mode then Apex Legends is not for you. But, you will have fun playing the game with your squad members. By so doing you can brainstorm together and delegate tasks to one another by communicating

How To Use Wraith in Apex Legends?

Wraith is one of the most interesting characters in Apex Legends. She has abilities that make her invaluable to her team.

If you chose Wraith as your character, know that your role is an important one.

To help you to understand and use Wraith better, I will be reviewing some of Wraith’s Pro and Cons. Here they are:


Some advantages of using Wraith are:

  • You can sense if you are in a danger zone and alert your teammates to brace up for combat.
  • You can transport any of your dead teammates out of a battle zone to revive by creating a rift.
  • You can become invisible for a limited time.
  • You can flank and attack when enemies least expect.


  • You cannot see the enemies when creating a void.
  • You are vulnerable to attack when creating a rift.
  • Your enemies can intercept your move.

Wraith Apex Legends

How To Ask for Ammo in Apex Legends?

If you are short of ammo, you can request for it from your team members by notifying them. There are two ways to ask your teammates for ammo:

  1. Through voice chat, here you communicate verbally to your teammates.
  2. By pinging; pinging is a non-verbal form of communication. By pinging you can request for any specific ammo or a missing attachment of your weapon by hitting the ping button.

To request for ammo, hover around the ammo or gear that you need and hit ping or initiate a voice request. This key will alert your teammates of your request and any of your team members with spare ammo may or may not approve your request.

How To Get Knife in Apex Legends?

One of the weapons that are worth having in Apex Legends is Wraith’s Kunai Knife. The knife is among the heirloom items of Wraith and though this weapon is worth having, getting it isn’t easy.

In fact, it is one of the rarest weapons in Apex Legends.

Wraith’s Knife comes with the other two items in an Apex Pack. However, you cannot purchase Apex Pack with the in-game money or real money. Another sad news is that there is no certain way of getting Wraith’s Knife. However, there is a possibility that you can get Wraith’s Knife after opening the 500th loot boxes.

What Counts as a Kill in Apex Legends?

Killing your enemies is quite easy in Apex Legends. To execute an enemy, you have to initiate the finisher move. Before you can initiate the finisher move, your enemy will be downed. Here the enemy can only crawl but can’t defend himself or herself.

To finish your opponent, move over him or her and press interact key to initiate execution. Each character has a unique way of eliminating enemies:

Bloodhound Throws knife to the head
Gibraltar Hits both himself and the enemy with his shovel.
Wraith Teleports into a sucker punch to the face.
Lifeline Tases the enemy.
Pathfinder Grapples the enemy with a zipline in the face.
Caustic Finishes the enemy with a grenade.
Bangalore Fires a rocket into the enemy’s face.
Mirage Kicks the enemy in the head

P.S: Enemies using Knockout Shield might be able to defend themselves from gunfire but not from a finisher move.


  • Apex Legends is free for all gamers to play.
  • The game embraces unity and teamwork.
  • Each character has different abilities that are unique to them.
  • You can play Apex Legends on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Cloud.
  • You can play Apex Legends in a cloud anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Though the game may be a newborn, it has served a large chunk of entertainment to 25 million gamer all around the world.

For you to learn to play Apex Legends like a professional, you need to constantly practice, with the time you will learn to play the game better.

What is your take on Apex Legends? Do you think it is better than Fortnite?

Oluwafemi Oyelola
Oluwafemi Oyelola
Guest blogger
I am a freelance blog post writer and a game enthusiast. I find games to be interesting, entertaining and challenging. When I am not writing or playing games you can find me surfing the internet or with a book.

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