Vortex Cloud Gaming

Bringing quality games to players anywhere via low-latency streaming.

We are a group of people passionate about computer games.

We want to provide you with the best gaming experience anywhere you like via low-latency streaming.

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Vortex team aims to provide you with top gaming experience and high-quality content across all platforms.

We believe you should be able to use all devices to play your favorite games.

That is why we provide you with convenient access to high-performing hardware on popular devices around the world.

For us, there are no boundaries when it comes to bringing you the best gaming entertainment.


  • MCI
  • Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder
  • OVH
  • IBM


Delivering best experience is not a one-man game.

Meet Vortex team - the best experts in the field of online gaming (and not bad players either!)

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Programmers that create the best possible code!

Testers that make sure you don't experience any problems from our platform!

Marketing and UX specialists that try to connect with you and make your experience here at Vortex the best it could be!

Support team that helps you on weekdays answering your questions.

They are writing about us


I just started using Vortex. I love the program. After using a couple other subscriptions and finding the right balance, you guys have lowest latency on mobile for games. I love cloud gaming!

Pedro Face
Pedro, Brasil

Hi, my name is Hannah. I just want to say thank you so much for making this app. I am a mobile gamer so it is very cool to be able to these console games on mobile. Thank you very much. God Bless!

Hannah face
Hannah, Lithuania

That service works really well. I'm playing Fallout 4 on a 4 year old laptop I bought for two hundred bucks and I'm getting 60 FPS and it's not even plugged in and I'm on my Wi-Fi at home!

Alex Face
Alex, Germany

At first, I could not believe that something like Vortex Cloud Gaming exist! Then I was in a hard shock, and then I bought subscriptions. Now I am playing in my spare time on a terribly old laptop with games that would never even run on it.

Tyrone Face
Tyrone, USA

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